Fyodor Mitenkov (Russia) 2004

Awarded the Global Energy Prize for developing the physical and technical fundamentals that lead to the creation of a new series of fast-breeder nuclear reactors for power generation.

Fyodor Mikhailovich Mitenkov was born on November 25, 1924 in the settlement Klyuchi, Saratov region. In 1950 Fedor Mitenkov graduated with honors from the faculty of physics from Saratov State University named after Chernyshevskiy.

During the period from 1941 to 1945 he took part in the Great Patriotic War. Starting from 1950 he participated in the development of atomic industry and energy equipment as a leading executor. Since 1964 he worked in the Africantov I. I. Experimental Engineering Design Bureau (EEDB), starting as a department head and finishing as a director and chief designer. In 1979 Mitenkov was elected the USSR Academy of Sciences Corresponding Member and since 1991 he is the Academician of the RAS.

Since 1997 and until present he has been the research manager of the State Unitary Enterprise «EEDB named after A.A. Africantov».

In 2002 he was awarded the title of «International Scientist of the Year 2002» by the International Biographic Center in Cambridge. In 2004 he became a Laureate of the Global Energy Prize for physical-technical basis and development of fast reactors.


  • Physical Foundations of Nuclear Power Plant Control, 1980;
  • Mechanisms of Unstable Processes in Thermal and Nuclear Power Engineering, 1981;
  • Main Circulation Pumps of Atomic Power Station 2, 1984;
  • Methods of Substantiation of Nuclear Power Plants’ Life,2007.

Scientific activities

  • Participated in the design of equipment for nuclear industry and power engineering.
  • Author of fast-neutron nuclear reactors: operating reactor BN-600 and a reactor BN-800 being constructed.
  • Created compact, highly reliable, and safe nuclear reactors for nuclear-powered ice-breakers.


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