Waste? Litter? Garbage? You name it. But it could be energy.

The Global Energy Association continues its series of chats with our winners and experts, who’ve expressed the desire to write relevant chapters for our book on 10 breakthrough ideas for the next 10 years. In this podcast our President Dr Brilev speaks to Dr William Byun about Waste2Energy horizons.

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Saint Petersburg Will Receive Electricity Trough The World’s Longest Superconductor Line

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true: in the nearest future, a significant part of the electric power in St. Petersburg will be transmitted almost without loss through the world’s biggest direct current high-temperature superconducting cable line (HTS CL). Rosseti FGC UES has performed large-scale testing on the full length of this cable line at its research and development center (R&D center of FGC UES, Rosseti Group).

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Sci-Fi in Action. Digitalization of Electricity

An unexpected twist following the announcement of a new Global Energy Prize Association’s book on breakthrough ideas for the future. Has the future arrived?
… To be honest, even we, at the Global Energy Prize Association, thought that all of this was pure fiction. Of course, the concepts of things being digital and the electricity are related. But just think about the phrase: “The digitalization of electricity”! Even in the world of gadgets we would have thought, that this phrase belonged in the 22nd or 23rd century.
Yet, in a recent interview with our Association, our laureate Frede Blaabjerg from Denmark insisted his chapter in our new book “10 Breakthrough Ideas in Energy for the Next 10 Years” will be devoted to that particular subject: the digitalization of electricity.
As it happens, and despite the coronavirus, Russian power engineers said that the prospect is even closer. In just five years, they assume, by 2025, the digital communications system in Russia will cover 100% of the facilities of the Unified National Electric Network (UNEG). We asked our laureates and experts what they thought of this plan. So, is it all fiction or not?

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From E-mail to E-fuel

In a chat with our Association, the 2019 Global Energy Prize laureate Frede Blaabjerg (Denmark) on why he wants to dedicate his chapter of our

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