Representatives from Europe, Latin America, Africa now sit on Global Energy’s Board of Trustees
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Uruguay’s former president, Julio Maria Sanguinetti, the founder and director of the Influence Group, Peter Wilding, and the General Director of the Association of Power Utilities of Africa, Abdel Didier Tella, have become members of the Global Energy Association’s Board of Trustees.

The decision to alter the composition of the Board of Trustees was adopted at the general meeting of the association’s members in connection with the expansion of the association’s geographical presence and the development of new spheres of activity.

    The Board of Trustees enjoys powers of oversight and is authorised to devise strategies and priority tasks for the association’s activity. The board’s jurisdictions include taking part in and assisting in public actions and dissemination of information about Global Energy’s role in taking on the scientific and practical tasks in the energy sector.

Julio Mary Sanguinetti is a Latin American politician – one of the few presidents of Uruguay to serve two terms (1985-1990 and 1995-2000). Studied law and social sciences at the University of the Republic in Montevideo, earned his law degree 1961 and subsequently combined his legal background with work as a journalist. Secured his doctorate in law and in social science. Expert in constitutional law.

    Peter Wilding – based between London and Brussels, founder of the Influence company, director of the “Influence group” consultancy. Author of “What next? Britain’s future in Europe?” Peter Wilding coined the now-famous term “Brexit”.
    Abel Didier Tella – Electro-technical engineer with a masters degree in engineering, a post-secondary degree in renewable energy sources as well as a masters degree in energy business management. Tella serves as General Director of the Association of Power Utilities of Africa (previously known as UPDEA, created in 1970) – made up of 56 African companies and 25 affiliated members (from Africa, Europe, America and Asia) as well as several associate members.


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