How many electric vehicles will there be in Russia within a decade?
The number of cars operating on gas or electricity is growing the world over. In Russia, over the next 10 years, their number will grow, but the increase will not be a significant one.

    According to Russia’s industrial development programme, by 2030, cars powered by gas will account for 1 % of the market and by electricity for 5 %. Driverless cars will make up at least 2 % of the market. The development strategy of the Russian car industry approved several years ago called for electric vehicles to take up 4-5 % of sales by 2025.

    Russians, however, appear to be in no hurry to buy electric vehicles. They are put off by the absence of charging infrastructure, the limited choice of electric vehicles on the domestic market and high prices.

    Data from the end of last year showed that a total of only 675 electric cars operate in Moscow, but that still represented a 20 % increase from 2019.

    Sales of electric vehicles are increasing much faster in other parts of the world. Experts say that last year electric vehicles accounted for 5 % of car sales – and that represented sales of more than 2 million electric cars. Analysts believe that by 2030, every fourth new car will be electric.

    The biggest purchasers of cars without internal combustion engines are Britain, China, France and the United States. More and more producers are announcing plans to expand production lines for electric cars and the abandonment of production for internal combustion engines.

    This is facilitated in a number of countries by government policy aimed at reducing volumes of hydrocarbon use. The leader is sales of electric cars remains Tesla, but other prominent producers are right behind.

    And there is every chance of Chinese producers will capture a share of their market. Some 400 companies are involved in production of electric vehicles and demand for them is on the rise.


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