Europe needs more vehicle charging stations
Infrastructure for electric cars in Europe is not developing quickly enough and that could get in the way of the rapid rise in the number of vehicles on the continent, the European Court of Auditors says.

Europe has set a goal to create a million new charging points for electric cars by 2025 in order to achieve by 2050 the goal of reducing by 90 % the 1990 level of emissions attributable to vehicles. According to forecasts, within four years Europe will produce about 4 million electric vehicles every year and by 2030 that number will climb to 30 million. 

    The number of charging points stood at 250,000 last autumn. That is a significant increase, when compared to 34,000 that were in operation in 2014, but the number is still insufficient, the auditors said.

    Every year the number of charging points rises by 36,000, but to keep up with the goals of the European Union, a total of 150,000 are needed.

    The situation varies widely within the EU with regard to both charging points and the number of electric vehicles in operation. There are far greater numbers in some countries than in others. The use of  charging stations is inhibited by the absence of a payment system. And motorists making their way across Europe lack online data about available nearby charging stations.

    Experts at Deloitte predict that the number of electric vehicles in the world will rise by 29 % each year  over the next decade. Within five years, their overall number will rise by a factor of 4.5 and by 2030 by 12 times.

    Electric vehicles will then account for 32 % of the entire car sales market — compared to 2 % last year.

    Demand for electric cars is soaring and the “most electric” country of all is Norway.     By 2024, Europe will account for a little less than a third of all sales of electric vehicles throughout the world, experts say.


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