Young Scientist 4.0: a new initiative of the Global Energy Association and Gazprom
On 12th July, the Global Energy Association, along with Association member Gazprom, launched the first wave of the education programme Young Scientist 4.0, intended to help talented researchers up to 35 years of age move forward with their scientific projects in Russia and abroad

And the head office of Gazprom’s VNIiGAZ scientific and technical centre has become the focal point of the programme.

The strategic task at hand is to help young specialists find their way on foreign platforms, where many Russian academics remain all but unknown.

“When we were working out this programme, we decided to concentrate on this very notion of how to help you develop your ability to present your scientific developments with authority and improve the degree to which you are noticed and recognised in the scientific world,” Association President Sergey Brilev said in a video address to the programme’s participants.

“So that, as a result, you will not only be able to proceed with scientific activity and work in a specific place, but also be considered for well-paid work as a member of management boards of major energy companies and compete for prestigious awards and monetary prizes, including Global Energy.”

The participants included 15 researchers from Ukhta, Yugorsk, Saratov and Rostov-on-Don, Moscow and St. Petersburg who emerged from a selection process in Gazprom’s specialised youth programmes. Over the course of a week, prominent academics and professional coaches will share their knowledge and experience with them through online and offline lectures and seminars. Upon completion of the course, participants will present their projects, to be assessed by a working group. This group will determine three winners, each of whom will have the opportunity to pursue individual work with a mentor from among leading specialists in the field concerned. Each will be able to publish an article in the Association’s report “Ten breakthrough ideas in energy for the next 10 years” and take part in Global Energy’s events.

The young Scientist 4.0 programme will be a regular event and can take place not only with the Association’s permanent members, but also Global Energy’s partners.


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