Russian parliament prepares bill on developing coal chemistry
Russia’s State Duma lower house of parliament is in the process or setting down a legal basis to create conditions for the coal chemistry industry.

The Duma has called for research to be carried out on existing technologies of advanced coal processing, world-wide experience on its use and an assessment of the effectiveness of these methods and how they might be used in Russia.

    The main purpose of the research is to work out and fine tune legislative instruments to regulate advanced coal processing in Russia and to draft measures for state support of this sector.

    “At this time, there is a clear need to overhaul the coal industry from both a raw material and coal chemistry standpoint as the most important areas to work out a new coal policy in Russia,” read documents drafted in order to oversee such research.

    “There are not enough projects being developed in Russia to ensure the development of the coal sector on the basis of clean coal technologies. Nor are there projects for coal chemistry processing with the aim of securing products with high added value as a result of economic inefficiency and lack of competitivity in conditions of a functioning fuel-energy complex.”

    The documents call for a “the possible participation of the state to be considered in a series of measures to support the creation and development of coal chemistry production as well as the creation of legal and economic conditions to ease the introduction of new technologies and the setting up of enterprises”.

    The research must contain an overview of Russian legislation already in place and the “appearance of possible problems and collisions in providing legislation for developing advanced coal production in Russia”. The documents also propose analysing experience abroad in the use of technology of advanced coal production.

    On the basis of that foreign experience, recommendations are to be made on the possible inclusion in Russia of legislative instruments to regulate the sector of advanced coal processing.     Moreover, in the research is it vital to draft a series of measures of state support in the creation and development of new generations of technological development of the processing of coal.


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