Olade and Global Energy cooperate to support the promotion and strengthening of energy development in Latin America
We are pleased to announce that the Latin American Energy Organization (Olade) and the Global Energy Association for the Development of International Energy Research and Projects (Global Energy) have just signed an agreement for inter-institutional cooperation and the development of coordinated activities, with emphasis on promoting and strengthening energy development, within a framework of environmental safety and energy efficiency.

The signing of the agreement was carried out through its highest authorities, the Executive Secretary of Olade, Alfonso Blanco, and the President of Global Energy, Sergey Brilev, in a face-to-face event on the afternoon of August 5, 2021, in the city of Montevideo-Uruguay.

Olade’s Executive Secretary, Alfonso Blanco, mentioned that for the Organization generating spaces for international links with high-impact global platforms, such as Global Energy, is a fundamental milestone in the strategy of projecting Latin America internationally, showing strategic interest of the entire region in the exploitation and use of its energy resources.

The President of Global Energy, Sergey Brilev, said that Olade is a “natural partner” for Global Energy. He emphasized that this agreement will make it possible, among other things, to increase the scarce presence of Latin Americans among the candidates for the Global Energy Prize. He also pointed out that Latin America and the Caribbean, with their advances in energy, deserve more, and that is why it is essential to attract more Latin Americans to the application process, as well as their participation in conferences, symposiums and other Global Energy activities.

The Global Energy Association annually awards the international prize of the same name, given to outstanding research and scientific developments in the field of energy (conventional energy, alternative energy and the use of new forms of energy use) that contribute to environmental safety and energy efficiency.

Within the framework of this recognition carried out by Global Energy, Olade will support the corresponding dissemination for the nomination of Latin American candidates for the Global Energy Prize and will establish a link with the potential candidates in the nomination cycle of the Global Energy Prize, scheduled annually from November to April.

Some of the areas that the inter-institutional cooperation agreement focuses on as a priority:

  • Integration and cooperation
  • Information and statistics
  • Education and training
  • Studies and projects
  • Research
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Electricity
  • Coal
  • Critical minerals
  • Lithium
  • Nuclear power
  • Hydroelectric power
  • Energy and the environment
  • CO2 capture
  • Energy planning
  • Energy policies
  • Energy efficiency
  • Sustainable energy development
  • Energy Transitions
  • Other complementary or related areas


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August 2021