Global Energy Prize holds award ceremony for its laureates from Greece, Italy, Russia and USA
On 13 October, distinguished scientists in the field of energy were awarded the Global Energy Prize at a special ceremony in Moscow.

Taking part in the ceremony was Andrey Ryumin, Director General of Rossetti. The ceremony was chaired by the President of the Global Energy Association, Sergey Brilev, and the Rossiya 24 television channel presenter Darya Kozlova.

The 2021 laureates were announced on 6th September this year in the town hall in the central Russian city of Kazan.

The laureates were:

–    Zinfer Ismagilov, Director of the Institute of Coal Chemistry and Material Science, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

–    Suleyman Allakhverdiev, Head of the Controlled Photobiosynthesis Laboratory at the K.A. Timiryazev Institute of Plant Physiology of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

–    Yi Cui, Director of the Precourt Institute for Energy, co-director of the StorageX initiative project, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University.

Zinfer Ismagilov was a laureate in the “Conventional Energy” nomination for his contribution to the chemistry of carbon materials, heterogeneous catalysis, and climate action

Suleyman Allakhverdiev was a laureate in the “Non-Conventional Energy” nomination for his outstanding contribution to the development of alternative energy, particularly his design for a system of artificial photosynthesis and for his cycle of scientific works on bioenergy and hydrogen energy.

Yi Cui was a laureate in the “New Ways of Energy Application” nomination for his exceptional contributions in nanomaterials design, synthesis and characterisation for energy and the environment, particularly for transformational innovations in battery science.

The names of the 2020 laureates were announced on 8th September last year at the TsiolkovskyState Museum of Cosmonautics in the Russian city of Kaluga.

The laureates were:

–    Carlo Rubbia, Professor, Gran Sasso Science Institute, former Director-General of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), Italian Senator for life.

–    Peidong Yang, Director of the Kavli Energy Nanoscience Institute (ENSI), Professor at the University of California, Berkeley.

–    Nikolaos Hatziargyriou, Director, Full Professor, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA).

Carlo Rubbia was a laureate in the “Conventional Energy” nomination for the promotion of sustainability of energy use in the field of nuclear waste and natural gas pyrolysis.

Peidong Yang was a laureate in the “Non-Conventional Energy” nomination for pioneering invention of nanoparticle based solar cell and artificial photosynthesis.

Nikolaos Hatziargyriou was a laureate in the “New Ways of Energy Application” nomination for his contribution to the stability of power grid system by pioneering smart and microgrid system by using artificial intelligence.

Owing to Covid restrictions and the cancellation of the 2020 Russian energy Week, the prizes for both years were presented at this time.

Carlo Rubbia announced his decision to transfer his monetary award from the Global Energy Prize to the creation of a fund to support the work of young scientists in Russia. The Fund was given the name “Energy of generations”.

In today’s world, energy is one of the foundations of socio-economic development,” Alexander Novak said in his address during the ceremony. “And that is why scientific discoveries in this field determine the future path to be taken by our entire civilisation. It is in this regard that the Global Energy Prize is truly a landmark event which reflects not just the future of the fuel and energy complex, but humankind as a whole.

“Global Energy Prize is without doubt a unique phenomenon for world science. A community of scientists and specialists has been formed around the prize and the association of the same name. And in a very positive sense they are ‘cheering on’ the future of energy and are ready to propose their revolutionary solutions to the most difficult of tasks,” Andrey Ryumin, Director General of Rossetti, told the gathering. “The energy transition, changes in the structure of the energy balance and consumption are setting out new demands – and they include grid companies.  Many of the technological solutions in use today are directly linked to the results of the discoveries made by the prize laureates.

In the last year and a half, the Global Energy Prize has undergone a major transformation. The geography of its work has been broadened and the scope of its scientific developments has been expanded as have the branches of research in the field of energy,” President of the Global Energy Association Sergey Brilev noted in his address. “In spite of the pandemic, in the last nomination cycle, the number of candidates for the prize was three times greater than in the two preceding years. The number of countries taking part also trebled. And that enabled us to select the truly outstanding scientific works which, without question, will have a great practical significance.

The announcement of the 2022 laureates is expected to take place in the Siberian city of Khanty-Mansiysk.


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