Global investment in “Ecotech” has more than tripled
Ecotech companies drew $87.5 billion investments throughout the world in fiscal year 2021, which is three times more than a year before ($28.5 billion). This is stated in the PwC study focusing on development of the companies specialising in carbon sequestration, adaptation to climate change and environmental data collection.

Transportation is the largest Ecotech segment, with $58 billion (up 281%) invested in fiscal year 2021 i.e. between July 2020 and June 2021. The companies of this segment are engaged in improvement of batteries and technologies for electric vehicles: Lucid Motors, a Silicon Valley startup developing luxury electric cars, which raised $6.9 billion last fiscal year; Northvolt, a Swedish battery maker which managed to raise $3.4 billion for production of lithium-ion batteries; and Ample ($24.5 million investment), an American company using autonomous robotics and artificial intelligence to power electric cars.

Agriculture and food processing are the Ecotech second largest segment: the companies in this sector raised the total of $10.7 billion in fiscal 2021, i.e. 132% more than a year before. The sub-sector leaders were American Bowery Farming, which raised $300 million for pesticide-free vertical farms; Mosa Meat, a Dutch food technology company which received $90 million from the investors for plant-based meat projects; and the Protein Brewery which was able to get $26 million for production of non-animal proteins for food products.

Energy is the third top segment where the investment volume has increased by 96% (to $8.2 billion). The leading players in this sector are American QuantumScape which attracted $780 million for the energy storage projects, as well as the Danish Green Hydrogen System producing electrolyzers for “green” hydrogen production, and Canadian Eavor Technologies which received $40 million for innovative solutions in construction of small geothermal power plants.  

More than $1 billion was invested in CO2 capture, storage and transportation ($383 million) and the projects dealing with climate change management ($797 million). The largest companies representing these segments are Newlight Technologies which raised $45 million to convert greenhouse gases into thermoplastics, and which “collected” $172 million of investment for new solutions in weather forecasting. Meanwhile, investments in Ecotech were also drawn by the companies doing business in such sectors as manufacturing ($6.9 billion), construction ($1.4 billion) and housing ($1.2 billion).

The conclusions of the PwC experts correlate with the estimates of the International Energy Agency (IEA) according to which global investment in energy storage in 2021 rose by 29% (to $7.1bn) and by 75% (to $14.6bn). in production of low-carbon fuels. Investments in CO2 capture, storage and transportation have increased three and a half times over the same period, i.e. from $170 million to $600 million.


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March 2022