UAE and Egypt to produce hydrogen

The Emirati Company Masdar owned by the state investment fund Mubadala and Egyptian Hassan Allam Holding specializing in renewable energy development have signed two memorandums with several companies and organizations in Egypt on building the electrolysis plants with the total capacity of 4 GW for production of 480,000 tons of ‘green’ hydrogen per year.

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Kyrgyzstan to build a $20-billion green city on the Issyk-Kul shores

The government of Kyrgyzstan has succeeded in attracting the first investors for building the eco-friendly city of Alman on the shores of Lake Issyk-Kul. The French companies Finentrep Aspir and Mercuroo together with the Movement of Enterprises of France (MEDEF) pledged to invest $5 million in the $20 billion project to be implemented during the next five-to-seven years.

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The Arctic mean annual air temperature has risen by 2.9°C

The Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute has published a 2021 survey of the hydrometeorological processes in the North Polar Area of the Earth. The monitoring results confirm the general tendency towards warming in high latitudes. A positive anomaly of the mean annual air temperature in the Arctic zone in 2021 did not change, and the temperature exceeded the norm by 2.9°С. At the same time, we should note a decrease in the temperature increase rate.

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Indian scientists have improved the CO2 absorbing solvent

The Indian Institute of Technology and the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) have created a special amine solvent consuming 31 percent less energy than the conventional monoethanolamine in the process of absorbing CO2. The development is under testing at the CO2 capture plant operated by the Energy Technology Research Alliance (NETRA) established by NTPC in 2009.

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April 2022
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