Atom at its best

The Rosatom plans to launch a preclinical cyclotron-radiopharmacological complex and a multi-purpose irradiation centre in Bolivia in the near future, which are under implementation as part of a large-scale project of creation of the Centre for Nuclear Research and Technology. In addition to the radiopharmaceutical production facility and a multipurpose irradiation center, the Centre for Nuclear Research includes a reactor facility and a laboratory of radiobiology and radioecology, which are expected to be launched in 2024.

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New mini hydropower plants will reduce emission in Cameroon

Eneo Cameroon, a Cameroonian electricity company, held a launch ceremony for a small hydropower plant (HPP) in Mbakau, near the city of Tibati, central Cameroon, on April 14. The 1.4 megawatt (MW) mini hydropower plant (HPP) is to supply 500 households in Adamawa, the third largest region in the country.

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Aviation fuel from CO2

Cement giant CEMEX, synthetic hydrocarbon producer Sasol ecoFT and energy company Enertrag Re are planning to launch joint production of sustainable aviation fuel, using green hydrogen and carbon dioxide.

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A reactor on a truck

Japanese Mitsubishi Heavy Industries plans to commercialise in the 2030s the nuclear reactors that can be trucked to the regions isolated from the general power grid. A micro-reactor of 3×4 m (HxW) size will weigh 40 tons and have the capacity of 0.5 megawatts (MW).

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Sleeping sun: scientists’ development can afford to store energy for 18 years

A team of researchers from Sweden and China has created technology making it possible to turn solar energy into liquid, and the latter into heat and electricity. The innovation is an ultra-thin chip that can be integrated into consumer electronics, including headphones, smartwatches and phones. However, with refinement, it could be used for integration of photovoltaic systems into the grid.

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April 2022
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