Electricity from aluminum

EKA, an Indian electric bus manufacturer, signed a memorandum of understanding with Log9 Materials, a technology company, in April. The document envisages introduction into the EKA product range of the RapidX batteries developed by Log9 Materials and capable of achieving a full charge in 30 minutes of mains power.

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Switzerland to launch hydrogen production from hydropower in 2023

H-TEC SYSTEMS, an electrolysis manufacturer, and Swiss Group E plan to start green hydrogen production in 2023, using electricity from the Schiffenenen dam hydropower plant built in 1963 in the canton of Fribourg, western Switzerland. With the help of tanker trucks, the hydrogen would be transported by road to the filling stations near the A12 and A1 freeways popular among truck operators.

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CO2 instead of oil: Indonesia to store carbon dioxide in the depleted fields

The Indonesian Oil Company Pertamina and the Japanese Trading House Mitsui have started development of a feasibility study for a joint project on the CO2 capture, storage and transportation, which is expected to reach its commercial stage in 2025-2029. The project will be implemented in the depleted Duri and Minas fields in Sumatra, the second largest island in the Indian Ocean.

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Smart city: a smart town on renewable energy to appear in Japan

On April 29, the Panasonic company plans to hold an opening ceremony of Suita Smart Town to be powered exclusively by renewable energy sources (RES). The project will be implemented in Osaka Prefecture, western Japan, with the participation of thirteen local companies, including the Kansai Electric Power Company (KEPCO).

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Biofuel from nuts

The Kenyan company EcoFix (K) has established production of biofuel from the fruit of the croton tree growing in sub-Saharan Africa. The product of nut processing can be used as fuel for power generators and a raw material in production of cosmetics, fertilisers and animal feed.

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April 2022
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