Electricity from motion: an Israeli startup raises $3.4 million for production of a triboelectric generator
Enervibe, an Israeli startup has raised $3.4 million for production of triboelectric generators able to convert kinetic energy from motion into electricity. Five companies acted as investors, including the venture fund Mobilitech Capital, Israel's largest transport group Dan Transportation and car dealer Samelet.

The photo is courced from enervibe.co

The founders of Enervibe, Moshe Avlagon, an entrepreneur and Dan Haronian, the applied physicist adopted the idea of accumulating the energy dissipated in the environment during walking, vibration and movement. The technology for collecting and converting such energy into electricity has a number of advantages, as told the Global Energy Zhong Lin Wang, director of the Center for Nanostructure Characterization at the Georgia Institute of Technology. “This technology operates at low amplitudes, which makes it possible to convert energy regardless of movement intensity,” Zh. Wang said emphasising that this energy can be used for charging mobile phones when walking, implementing the alarm systems and environmental monitoring.

Enervibe’s two key products are outwardly similar to compact sensors, one can be clipped into a sole of a boot or an athletic shoe, and the other – into a car tire inside. The energy generated during movement can power a gadget wirelessly connected to the sensor. Given a high interest to wireless charging systems, the Enervibe founders expect volume increase of the attracted investment to $5 million in the near future.

Enervibe was founded in 2018 by the investment company Capital Nature, whose one of the most famous projects is the startup Electreon, which developed a roadbed for charging electric vehicles. The idea of such a roadbed is to embed into asphalt special coils transmitting electromagnetic waves to the charging pad located on the bottom of an electric vehicle. Accordingly, charging occurs every time an electric car passes over this roadbed. The Electreon development will be used in Tel Aviv for recharging the Dan Bus electric buses.


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May 2022