A bottle-sized wind turbine
Ветротурбина 2
Canadian company Aurea Technologies has raised over $160,000 on the startup platform Kickstarter for production of the Shine mini wind turbine, reports the Singularity Hub, an online publication. The length of a 40-watt unit is 35 cm and its weight - 1.3 kg. The device equipped with the blades, each 60 cm in diameter, and outwardly resembling a litre plastic bottle, will work on the 91.4 high cm mounts.

The photo is sourced from shineturbine.com

The wind generator will be equipped with a 12,000 mA-hour lithium-ion battery, enough for full recharging of three mobile phones. The unit will be able to operate at the wind speed ranging from 8 to 28 metres per second and the temperatures from zero to 40 degrees Celsius. The turbine’s advantage is its low noise level (50 decibels) comparable with the speech volume. The development intended for outdoor use has already found its demand: Aurea Technologies had to raise the Shine price from $240 to $321 during pre-sales.

The innovation, which is sure to find a widespread use among travellers, will promote development of off-grid wind power inferior to solar in terms of penetration. While the global installed capacity of solar panels isolated from the grid was 4.9 GW in 2021, for all the other generators, including wind turbines, it was 4.5 GW, according to the International Renewable Energy Association (IRENA). Large size of most wind turbines still remains a barrier to active introduction of off-grid wind energy: for example, in the GE line, one of the most popular is a 1.5 MW wind turbine, whose blade diameter is 35.4 metres, and the “tower” height – 64.6 metres.

Since power generation sustainability depends, to a large extent, on a blade length, the wind turbine manufacturers are increasingly focusing on the production of ultra-large wind turbines. An example is Danish company Vestas, which, in cooperation with the European Energy, is going to install three V236-15.0 MW wind turbines on the Baltic Sea shelf, each with a 15 MW capacity and a blade length of 236 metres. The record blade area is 43.7 thousand sq. m – will allow the V236-15.0 MW to generate electricity at a wide range of winds (from 3 to 30 metres per second).


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May 2022