Se anunció la lista de finalistas del Premio Energía Global 2022 (Global Energy Prize 2022)

La lista de finalistas del Premio Energía Global 2022 incluye científicos de nueve países: Canadá, China, Francia, India, Kazajstán, Rusia, Singapur, Uruguay, Estados Unidos. La lista fue anunciada el 24 de mayo en la sesión estratégica “Industria rusa del petróleo y el gas: tendencias de desarrollo, desafíos y pronósticos” que tuvo lugar en la ciudad de Ufá, capital de Baskortostán, en el marco de la 30ª Exposición y Foro internacional “Gas. Aceite. Tecnologías”.

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The 2022 Global Energy Prize shortlist has been announced

The 2022 Global Energy Prize shortlist includes scientists from nine countries: Canada, China, France, India, Kazakhstan, Russia, Singapore, Uruguay, USA. The list was announced on May 24 at the strategic session “Russian Oil and Gas Industry: Development Trends, Challenges and Forecasts” hosted by Ufa as part of the thirtieth international exhibition and forum “Gas. Oil. Technology”.

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Nepal and India to build hydropower plant for highlands supply

Power Company NEA, Nepal, and Hydropower Company SJVN, India, have signed a memorandum on construction of Arun-4, a 490 MW hydropower plant (HPP). The project, which is valued at 79.1 billion rupees (slightly over $1 billion), will be implemented in the Sankhuvasabha district where Mount Makalu, one of the five largest peaks in the world, is located.

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1650 hydrogen molecules per hour

The Novosibirsk scientists have proposed a new efficient method for synthesis of a highly active photocatalyst for hydrogen production under the action of sunlight. The materials developed are porous “sponges” made of graphite-like carbon nitride with platinum nanoparticles. The system showed one of the highest values of photocatalytic activity, among all known analogues, with a low content of noble metals, the Russian Science Foundation says.

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