Dubai to build the first PSPP in the Persian Gulf
DEWA, a Dubai electric power company, will build a pumped storage plant (PSPP) in Hatta, the border city with Oman, as follows from the company's message. The 250 MW complex is the first PSPP in the Persian Gulf. It will be able to store 1.5 GWh electricity at a time, which is comparable to four days of energy consumption in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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The $837 million plant will feature two dams, 37 and 70 metres high, to be connected by a 1.2 km underground tunnel. During peak hours, the PSPP will generate electricity by discharging water from the upper reservoir to the lower one (a generator mode of the power plant), and during periods of low demand, it will accumulate water by reinjecting it into a higher reservoir (a pumping mode). To do this, electricity will be used from a 1 GW solar farm under construction to be named after Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the current Emir of Dubai.

The PSPP efficiency will be 78.9%, i.e. one of the highest in the world. The PSPP will also be distinguished by a relatively fast response, not exceeding 90 seconds, to the energy supply needs. The complex will become part of the Dubai Peak development, including the construction of a 5.4 thousand km cableway to transport tourists to the Emirate’s largest peak (Um Al Nesoor at 1,300 m) with overlooking the PSPP two dams under construction.

The project is sure to contribute to the carbon footprint reduction of the Emirate of Dubai planning to fully meet its electricity needs from Renewable Energy Resources (RES) by 2050. In the UAE, natural gas is the key raw material for generation and accounts for 95% in generation. Solar generators dominate among the renewable sources, accounting for 2,705 MW of the 2,706 MW installed RES capacity in the UAE in 2021, according to IRENA.


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June 2022