Bangladesh to commission the largest wind farm in the country

The Dhaka Tribune, a regional publication, reports that electricity company Wuling Power, China will complete construction of a 60 MW wind power plant (WPP), the largest in Bangladesh, in December 2022. The complex would generate 146 GWh annually upon its completion, which is comparable to semi-daily power consumption in Bangladesh.

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Colombia to multiply the capacity of its solar power plants

Enel Columbia has begun construction of the Guayepo I & II solar power plant (SPP) with a total capacity of 487 MW in the Atlantico department, northern Colombia. The project, through which over 820,000 photovoltaic panels would be installed will more than triple capacity of SPPs, i.e. from the current 184 MW to 671 MW.

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Russian scientists have obtained oil products from plastic waste

The scientists from the Krasnoyarsk Science Centre of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SB RAS) have proposed a new environmentally friendly method for processing plastic waste into raw hydrocarbons. It is based on gasified burning of the polymer, after which synthetic gas and a small amount of ash remain. The research results are reported by the AIP Conference Proceedings of the American Institute of Physics, which has been published since 1970.

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Hydrogen from porous silicon

EPRO Advance Technology, based in Hong Kong, China, has developed a porous silicon material (Si+) generating hydrogen when in contact with water. The new material can be stored in plastic packaging, thereby its use is similar to the capsule method for making coffee.

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The Okayama cows in the renewable energy service

Canadian renewable energy producer Anaergia is going to build a biogas power plant for Japan’s Toyo Energy Solution Co., the plant will use, as feedstock, cow manure from the farms in Okayama Prefecture, southern Japan. The 1.2 MW complex, to be located in the city of Kasaoka, will be able to supply electricity to 2.200 households and save 13.500 CO2 per year, which is comparable to the annual emissions of 2.900 cars.

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