Brazil will build two solar panels manufacturing plants

The Brazilian startup Sengi Solar intends to build two new plants manufacturing solar panels in 2023-2024, the industry source PV Magazine informs. Together with recent commissioning of manufacturing lines in the state of Parana in the South of the country, this will allow for increasing the total company generating capacity up to 1.5 GW per annum.

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RSA will build three wind farms of total 420 MW

The South-African company Eskom jointly with the French EDF with participation of the RSA Ministry of national resources and energy signed an agreement to design three on-shore wind farms with total 420 MW capacity. The wind farms will be located in the Northern Cape and Eastern Cape provinces in the South of the country and will be connected to the national grid via the 132 KV transmission lines.

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Rae Kwon Chung: Digitalisation is a double-edge sword in combatting the global climate change

The progress in combatting the global climate change may be assured by the synergy of technological and managerial innovations allowing the consumers to choose a more expensive, but a more environmentally friendly alternative. This is what Rae Kwon Chung, the Nobel Prize laureate and the Chairman of the Global Energy Prize International Award Committee, said at the Eurasian Forum in Budapest on September 19-20, 2022.

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UAE commissioned the third generating unit of Barakah Nuclear Power Plant

Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) from UAE informed about the start of the chain reaction at generating unit No. 3 of Barakah NPP, the first nuclear power plant in the Middle East. The reactor is already generating heat, which will be used for launching the electric generators, and within several weeks the unit will be connected to the common grid.

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Nickel-hydrogen accumulators: technology for extreme temperatures

EverVenue startup created in 2020 to develop energy storage technologies signed the agreement with Green Energy Renewable Solutions, the renewable energy equipment manufacturer, for supplying nickel-hydrogen accumulators of 250 megawatt-hour (MWh) total capacity. The project is implemented with participation of Nicon Industries A/S, the parent company of Green Energy Renewable Solutions, which will be using the accumulators to energise forklifts operating on fossil fuel.

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September 2022
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