China approves construction of four new nuclear reactors

On September 14, the State Council of China approved the construction of four new nuclear power units. Two of them will be launched within the initial construction phase of the Lianjiang NPP in South China’s Guangdong province, and the remaining two will be part of the second phase of construction of the Zhangzhou nuclear power plant in Fujian province in the southeast of the country.

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Electric car with solar panels

Startup Lightyear raised 81 mln Euros for development of electric vehicle Lightyear 2, which will be energised by solar panels. The project will be an upgraded version of the electric car Lightyear 0, mass production of which ought to begin this autumn.

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Shelf alternative: wind turbine for high seas

Startup T-Omega has created a prototype of wind turbine, which can generate electric power not only in a coastal zone but also in high seas. The experimental unit, two metres high, with power rating of 10 megawatts (MW) and scale factor of 1:60 in relation to the future commercial analogue, has underwent successfully stability testing in a wave reservoir.

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Hydrogen energy: physics and economics versus ecology

“Hydrogen will become an effective energy source only if water and extremely cheap energy rather than fossil hydrocarbons are used as raw materials for its production,” says Valery Bessel, the executive vice president of NewTech Services, Professor of the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas at the International Gas Forum, St. Petersburg.

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The deadline for submitting applications to the international media contest Energy of Words extended until September 22

The Global Energy Association has prolongated the deadline for the submission of applications to the international contest Energy of Words. September 22, 2022 has been announced as the new final date. The competition aims to encourage reporters, columnists, and experts covering the most burning issues of today’s energy industry, including the transformation of the global energy balance, development of new technologies, and climate change.

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