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Nominating Persons

The nomination process of the Global Energy Prize from nominating candidates to awarding laureates is exceptionally open and transparent. Self-nomination for the Prize is not acceptable. The right to nominate candidates for the Prize is given to well-known and respected scientists of the world. 

The list of persons entitled to nominate for the Global Energy Prize include the following scientists:

The Experts Pool

All nomination submissions received for the Global Energy Prize and corresponding to the conditions of the contest are subject to a preliminary professional examination. For this purpose, the Association forms a pool of independent experts, consisting of scientists recognized by the world community. In accordance with the regulation statute, the structure of the experts pool is not disclosed.

A nominator can file up to three nomination submissions in the course of one nomination cycle. A nominator applies a nomination submission in one of the energy field’s directions, after which the submission is determined in one of three nominations ('Traditional Energy', 'Non-Traditional Energy', 'New Ways of Energy Application'). As soon as the first stage of the nomination cycle, i.e. the acceptance of nomination submissions, is completed, the Association conducts a preliminary examination of the submitted works. After determining the works admitted to the contest, the Association conducts their independent international assessment. Each work is evaluated by three experts.

The experts’ specializations necessarily correspond to the research topics in the nomination work. By results of their work, experts draw up the acts of examination on the approved by the Association form. An average score is calculated for each nomination submission. The work of experts is carried out according to international standards. Only the nomination submissions of the current nomination cycle are allowed.

The final decision on the laureates definition is made by the International Award Committee, which consists of 20 outstanding scientists from 14 countries.


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