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The Global Energy Association has existed since 2002 with the support of three leading Russian energy companies PJSC Gazprom, "Surgutneftegas" PJSC, and PJSC FGC UES.


GAZPROM is a global energy company focused on geological exploration, production, transportation, storage, processing and marketing of gas (including as a vehicle fuel), gas condensate and oil, as well as electricity and heat production and distribution.

Gazprom is the global leader measured by the amount of reserves and volumes of gas production. Gazprom sells gas to Russian consumers and exports gas to more than 30 countries. The Company is the world’s largest gas exporter. Gazprom is among Russia’s top oil producers and the country’s leading company in heat and power generation.

Address: 16 Nametkina street, Moscow, Russian Federation

Telephone: +7 (495) 719-30-01


Rosseti FGC UES (FGC UES, PJSC) is one of the largest public electricity transmission company based on the length of transmission lines and transformer capacity.

The company is responsible for reliable power supply and development of the main part of the backbone networks of Russia - the Unified National Electric Grid (UNEG).

The main responsibility is to ensure power transmission from power-generating stations to the distribution facilities and to large consumers, including extractive, processing, agricultural enterprises, infrastructure facilities (railways, airports, oil and gas pipelines, housing and public utilities), residential developments, as well as socially significant facilities, etc. Additionally, power is transmitted through the UNEG between energy systems of Russia and 11 neighboring countries.

In total, the area of Federal Grid Company’s responsibility spans 145 900 km of high-voltage backbone power lines and 958 substations with total transformer capacity of 351.9 thousand MVA  that are located in 79 regions of the Russian Federation.

Address: A, Akademika Chelomeya str., Moscow, Russian Federation

Telephone: 8 (800) 200 18 81

PJSC “Surgutneftegas”

“Surgutneftegas” PJSC is one of the largest vertically integrated oil companies in Russia bringing together the research-design, exploration, drilling, production units, oil and gas processing and marketing enterprises. The Company develops its business in Russia operating from the Baltic Sea to the Far East.

The Company carries out a significant amount of exploratory and production drilling and is active in three largest Russian oil and gas provinces – Western Siberia, Eastern Siberia, and Timan-Pechora. The Company shows a high level of commitment in terms of ensuring environmental safety of production and rational use of all types of resources. A comprehensive engineering and environmental approach to the use of associated petroleum gas allows the Company to maintain a record level of its utilization exceeding 99%.
“Surgutneftegas” PJSC incorporates LLC “KINEF” that is one of the largest in Russia in terms of refining throughput. The refinery produces high quality products that are in high demand on the domestic and international markets.

Address: ul. Grigoriya Kukuyevitskogo, 1, bld. 1, Surgut, Khanty-Mansiysky Autonomous Okrug – Yugra, Tyumenskaya Oblast, Russian Federation, 628415

Telephone +7 (3462) 42 70 09

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