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The Global Energy Association helps to shape the energy of the future by supporting advanced scientific and technological developments and stimulating international energy cooperation in the interests of all humankind. We favor the technologies that contribute to the development of world energy, ensuring the safety of natural resources and the achievement of global sustainable development goals.

The Global Energy Association is a non-governmental organization with a particular focus on popularization and development of industry research, as well as promotion of energy cooperation.

The Global Energy Association has existed since 2002 with the support of three leading Russian energy companies PJSC Gazprom, "Surgutneftegas" PJSC, and PJSC FGC UES.

Primary goals of the Association:

Main activities of the Global Energy Association:

The Global Energy Prize is an international award for outstanding scientific researches and technological developments in energy field, which contribute to efficiency and environmentally friendly energy sources for the benefit of humanity.
The Global Energy Prize promotes energy development as a science and demonstrates the importance of international energy cooperation, as well as public and private investment in energy supply, energy efficiency and energy security. It stands for the belief that advances in science and technology should serve the long-term interests of human development, improving social security and living standards of people in all countries. Since 2003, the prize has been presented to 39 laureates from 13 countries: Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Japan, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, the UK, the USA. 

The Global Energy Youth Program is held in order to identify the most promising young power engineers` researches and developments contributing to technological progress in the world energy. The Global Energy Youth Program’s goals are identification promising scientific studies and successfully implemented R&D products by young representatives of the scientific community, development of cooperation and exchange of experience between Russian and foreign young power engineers; creation of a talent pool of future engineers in the energy sector.

The International Discussion Platform is a complex of activities, which is aimed at the development of energy dialogue between countries, consolidation of the international scientific community, discussion of global energy issues and development of measures to solve them. Within the project the Association hold the Global Energy Prize Summit, panel sessions, round tables at major international and Russian industry events, own foresight sessions, the Global Energy Prize laureates’ and the International Award Committee Members’ lectures.

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