Saint Petersburg Will Receive Electricity Trough The World’s Longest Superconductor Line

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true: in the nearest future, a significant part of the electric power in St. Petersburg will be transmitted almost without loss through the world’s biggest direct current high-temperature superconducting cable line (HTS CL). Rosseti FGC UES has performed large-scale testing on the full length of this cable line at its research and development center (R&D center of FGC UES, Rosseti Group).

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OIL AND CHEESE. A rare inside look at the OPEC + and the G20 meeting

How exactly were organised the negotiations between the states, which decided to work out a formula on reducing oil production in the name of price stabilisation at the time of coronavirus pandemic? They’d said a lot of nasty things about each other before. Can we call them friends again? This short piece is a look from the inside at these negotiations. On the night of Friday to Saturday, Minister of Energy of the Russian federation Alexander Novak welcomed me in his office as a television journalist and as a President of the Global Energy Association. The conversation took place in his office’s reception aerea, where gifts and souvenirs from overseas colleagues are usually kept. And now a gigantic screen is mounted there, it displays video signals from the negotiating countries (due to the coronavirus, face-to-face meetings are impossible for now). This conversation was partially shown in my weekly TV show. But only the Global Energy Prize website publishes the details that were not on the air.

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Solar Energy for the Darkest Places on Earth

The whole world is in alarm state due to the coronavirus pandemic. Social networks and most of the media are full of negative headlines and keep frightening us with disappointing forecasts. Nevertheless, there is a lot of positive news. Science does not stand still and continues to develop future technologies for the benefit of humanity. Russian scientists from the Moscow Radiotechnical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences have patented a system for transferring energy from a space – based solar power station to Earth. It is expected that a solar power system will be able to transmit energy using microwaves to the remote areas of the planet, where it is impossible to lay ground power lines. The Global Energy Prize experts have shared their opinion on possibility of construction that kind of solar power plant.

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Burzyansk Solar Power Station: Bashkiria for Clean Solutions

The largest solar power station with industrial energy storage has been opened in the Burzyansky district of Bashkiria. Its capacity is 10 MW. It will provide electricity to the entire area. 8 MW storage drive will be able to maintain power during emergency outages. According to experts of the Global Energy Association, this project will not only increase the reliability of power supply in remote areas, but will also become an interesting example of the modern energy balance.

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