PJSC Gazprom, a global energy company focused on exploration, production, transportation, storage, processing and marketing of gas (including as vehicle fuel), gas condensate and oil, as well as electricity and heat generation and distribution. Gazprom has the world’s largest reserves of natural gas and is the world’s leading gas producer. Gazprom sells gas to Russian consumers and is also the world’s largest gas exporter, supplying over 30 countries. Gazprom is among Russia’s largest oil producers and the country’s leading heat and electricity generator.

Federal Grid Company (Rosseti Group) is a Russian energy company that provides electricity transmission services through the Unified National Electric Grid (UNEG). The Company is a natural monopolist in the sector.
The Company is included in a list of systemically important organisations of strategic importance to Russia.
The Company is the number one publicly traded global electricity transmission company based on the length of transmission lines (more than 142 thousand kilometers) and transformer capacity (over 345 GVA).
Federal Grid Company’s unique infrastructure is a backbone of the Russian economy. Its units are located in 77 regions of the Russian Federation, spanning a total area of 15.1 mln sq. kilometers.

PJSC Surgutneftegas is focused on hydrocarbon prospecting, exploration and production in three petroleum provinces in Russia: Western Siberia, Eastern Siberia and Timan-Pechora. Its production units use advanced equipment and technologies and are adapted to local geological and climate conditions, enabling the company to perform a full range of required operations independently. As a modern and responsible diversified business, PJSC Surgutneftegas fully meets its obligations to the government, shareholders, business partners and consumers, regularly upgrades its production capacities, uses natural resources sustainably, takes a consistent approach to environmental safety, and actively contributes to the social and economic development of the regions in which it operates.​

China commissioned the eleventh power unit of Baihetan Dam

The Chinese company China Yangtze Power successfully completed the test startup of the eleventh hydroelectric installation in succession (No. 13 in numerical designation) of the Baihetan Dam on the Jinsha River at the administrative borderline between Sichuan and Yunnan provinces in the Eastern part of PRC. The commissioning of the remaining five units will allow to bring the second biggest hydropower plant of the world to its full capacity.

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September 2022