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In the 15 years since its foundation, the Global Energy Prize has been awarded to 35 scientists and researchers around the world who have demonstrated exceptional achievement in their field. The laureates come from nine different countries, including Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, Iceland, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom and the USA.

Eduard Volkov (RUS)


  • Eduard Volkov was born on 18 July 1938 in Novo-Chaikino, Donetskaya oblast. In 1961 he graduated from Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI), specializing in heat power engineering. Later on he worked at the Heat Power Stations (HPS) Department of MPEI, in various positions, up to the post of professor. Since 1980 Eduard Volkov is a head of the department «Boiler Facilities and Power Engineering Ecology», in 1987-2000 – Head of Department at MPEI, in 1987-2000 - Pro-Rector for Academic Affairs (UMO). Since 1986 till now he is a General Director of OJSC «G. M. Krzhizhanovsky Power Engineering Institute».
  • Eduard Volkov is a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) since 1997, academician of the RAS since 2006 (Branch for Power Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanics and Control Processes). He is a head and member of two scientific councils of the RAS, Scientific & Technical Council (S&TC) on electric power engineering, member of the Governmental Commission on fuel and energy complex, vice-president of the Moscow Energy Club, Vice-President of the International Energy Academy, member of the European Commission on development of non-conventional energy sources, 4th national committee of the World Energy Council, member of the European Energy House on problems of the EU-Russia Energy Dialogue, member of the club «Energy and Geopolitics» (France), Chairman of Committee on renewable energy of the World Energy Council, vice-president of the International Moscow Energy House.
  • The academician is an expert in the field of modeling processes of burning, processing solid fuel, and also solution of problems of development of electric power engineering and power engineering ecology. He is a founder of the scientific school «Processes of burning and processing solid fuel and protection of the air environment from harmful emissions from HPS».


  • Academician Volkov is a recognized Russian scientist-expert in power engineering, head of development of the Strategy of development of electric power industry of the country for the period till 2020, as a structural component of the Energy strategy of Russia for this period (1996-2003). He is also a head of development of the Target vision and strategy of development of electric power industry of Russia for the period till 2030 (2005-2007). Eduard Volkov developed strategies of modernization and development of electric power industry of Russia on the basis of the newest energy technologies.
  • He developed a complex of mathematical models of processes of burning and pyrolysis of solid fuel (1986-1994). Volkov created new «green» technologies of catalytic burning fuel, introduced direct-flow-vortex flames on existing active boilers (on 90 boilers).
  • He is a chief and direct developer regarding developing, putting into operation, testing and adjusting the world’s first energy-technological plant processing oil-shales with production of end products (artificial oil, gas and electric energy with the use of a gas-steam cycle), and also an author of the monograph «Hydrodynamics and kinetics of pyrolysis of coal and bituminous shales». The scientist analyzed samples of the world's largest deposits of oil-shales, created laboratories and test rigs for processing combustible shales by the method of pyrolysis with the use of solid heat carriers. He actively participated in commissioning the world’s first energy-technological pyrolysis plant processing oil-shales. With his participation specialists built the experimental plant processing 500 tons of combustible shales per day and the world's largest facility for industrial processing 1 million tons of shales per year.
  • Last years under the guidance and with participation of Eduard Volkov scientists and researchers perform large-scale works on creation of the first in Russia and the longest in Europe high-temperature superconducting cable. Within the frameworks of this project there was created the world’s first system of cryogenic support and active cryostatting, enabling to provide reliable operation of long enough (tens of kilometers long) superconducting cables, and exceeding by its parameters already existing in the world systems of cryogenic support.
  • The scientist is an author of about 286 publications (from which it is necessary to mention 21 monographs and textbooks), and also 61 inventions and patents.
  • Eduard Volkov is awarded the Order of the «Badge of Honour», Order of Honour and medals. He is a laureate of the USSR State Prize, Prize of the USSR Council of Ministers, Prize of the USSR Ministry of Education, Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation. In addition, Volkov is awarded the Prize named after G. M. Krzhizhanovsky of the RAS, Prize named after N. K. Baibakov, Prize «For merit to the Russian electric power industry», and the Order of the Legion of Honour (Cambodia).


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