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In 2017, the Global Energy Prize celebrates its 15th anniversary! This term is small from a historical point of view, but over these years a long way was passed. Over 15 years of the award’s existence, more than 736 candidates were nominated, and 35 outstanding scientists from 11 countries became its laureates. The number of experts with the right to nominate for the award has increased 10 times compared to 2003 - it is 3000 people, and the number of countries united by the Global Energy Prize has increased 12-fold - today it is 90 states. The Global Energy Prize is constantly developing, its importance for the innovative development of world energy can not be overestimated. In its jubilee year, the prize accepts congratulations from its founders, partners, friends and colleagues. The team of the Global Energy Prize expresses gratitude to all the congratulations for sincere and kind words to the project! 

All our warmest congratulations on the Global Energy Prize’s 15th anniversary!

Euronews had the great honor to associate its brand to the 6th Global Energy Prize Summit. We are extremely proud to have joined forces and contributed to promoting the success of the GEP Summit by hosting the event in our Headquarters in Lyon, France and by broadcasting the event on our digital platforms.

On September 18th 2017 at 10am, the Summit began. The event was a success, with more than 200.000 views, recorded worldwide across all our English and Russian platforms, and embodied multiculturalism thanks to the eight different nationalities of the very highly qualified speakers, all from various backgrounds and recognized as experts in their fields of research. The fruitful discussions revolved around “the three E”: Energy, Economics and Ecology. The broad issue and current debate around our shared energy future was the principal motivation to bring together GEP and Euronews, as a global media searching to hear All Views. The variety of energy sector-specific knowledge at the event was very deep and rich, and mirrors our communication goals as a company and our desire to serve our audience with intelligent and informed debate on the most important energy issues facing society.

Moreover, the Global Energy Prize is not only a reference in the energy industry, it is also an association with great values, dedicated to the development of humanity and to access to knowledge, illustrated by the initiatives it carries out in education and with young researchers.

We are honored to have such an influential partner, and we wish to continue the dialogue on energy futures together. We trust this 6th Summit is a key milestone of a long-term and mutual collaboration. I take this opportunity to emphasize Euronews’ enthusiasm for such a blooming relationship and future partnerships around new projects with the Global Energy Prize.

Director General «Euronews SA»

Michael Peters

Сongratulation letter


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