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In 2017, the Global Energy Prize celebrates its 15th anniversary! This term is small from a historical point of view, but over these years a long way was passed. Over 15 years of the award’s existence, more than 736 candidates were nominated, and 35 outstanding scientists from 11 countries became its laureates. The number of experts with the right to nominate for the award has increased 10 times compared to 2003 - it is 3000 people, and the number of countries united by the Global Energy Prize has increased 12-fold - today it is 90 states. The Global Energy Prize is constantly developing, its importance for the innovative development of world energy can not be overestimated. In its jubilee year, the prize accepts congratulations from its founders, partners, friends and colleagues. The team of the Global Energy Prize expresses gratitude to all the congratulations for sincere and kind words to the project! 

Please accept my warmest and sincere congratulations on the 15th anniversary of the International Global Energy Prize! The award was established in 2002 at the initiative of Russian scientists and was recognized worldwide as a prestigious international award of the highest level, and it raises up the prestige of Russia in the world.

Today, 35 winners from 11 countrees proudly wear gold award badges. Their outstanding research and scientific and technical developments in all areas of energy promote efficiency and environmental safety on the planet for all humanity, and that I very appreciate. The award winners are outstanding scientists from around the world and they carry information about this remarkable Russian project around the world at “Global Energy” numerous events.

I warmly congratulate the award winners, members of the Association and the "Global Energy" staff on the 15th anniversary and wish success in work, stability, prosperity and progress in the development of energy and for goodness of Russia!

S. V. Yastrzhembskiy


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