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In the 11 years since its foundation, the Global Energy Prize has been awarded to 29 scientists and researchers around the world who have demonstrated exceptional achievement in their field. The laureates come from nine different countries, including Canada, France, Germany, Iceland, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom and the USA.

Professor Martin Green's research and development of photovoltaics technology has helped create cleaner, cheaper and more reliable power around the world.

For over three decades, Professor Green's fundamental and applied research has been built into many silicon solar panels made globally, significantly reducing costs.

It is fitting that Professor Green is the first Australian scientist to receive the Global Energy Prize for revolutionising the efficiency and cost of solar photovoltaics.

Australia's status as a world-leader in solar photovoltaics is in large part due to the pioneering work of Professor Green and his team.

I extend my congratulations to both Professor Green and his Russian co-recipient, Professor Sergey Alekseenko, on their significant achievements.

The award of this significant prize is a timely and well-earned recognition of the powerful contributions made by individuals like Professor Green, who have advanced scientific understanding, fostered international collaboration and reduced the cost of energy generation for the benefit of people all over the globe.

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