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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

Summary of the Global Energy Prize Road-Show

The Global Energy International Prize Road-Show held on October 19-23 in Europe (Germany) is over now. Along with Prize Laureates, winners of Prize Youth Program Science Contest participated in events held within the show, too.

“Global Energy” delegation included: Klaus Riedle, “Global Energy” International Prize Laureate 2005, Igor Lobovsky, Prize Chief Executive Officer, as well as Anna Lysova, Vasily Borzenko, Diana Beznosova, Dmitry Afanasiev, Sergei Golovnia and Viacheslav Tokarev, winners of “Global Energy” Youth Program research grants contest.

“Global Energy” International Prize delegation visited Siemens Gas Turbine Plant, which has celebrated its 100th anniversary recently. The Plant’s team of employees headed by Professor Riedle, President of Siemens Board for Gas Turbines, presented business program of the Plant. Extensive excursion made throughout production departments and research departments of the Plant was tremendously interesting for the Russian delegation.

After the fascinating travel along the Plant facilities, Road-Show participants went to “BESSY” Technological Center, where operation of the well-known Bessy accelerator was shown to them. It is in the “BESSY” Center, where experiments involving synchrotron radiation are usually performed.

Meeting held in IZBM International Innovational Business Incubator в Adlerschof was no less interesting. The principal purpose of the Center is encouragement of technological innovations. 420 hectares of this area, beautiful in its rich verdure, where GDR Academy of Science was seated earlier, is now hosting a German science city – a complex of research institutes and business firms involved in activities related to science, such as physics, chemistry and software. Here, the German Center for Aviation and Cosmonautics and a number of departments of the well-known Humboldt University are also seated. Ms. Lydia Dessau, one of head officers of the center, told the story of an innovation center approved by the urban municipality (Senate). As of the visit date, the Center was hosting as much as 80 companies (duly registered under the German laws) of 18 countries of the world, including Russia.

Visit to Corporate Technology Science Center, whose specialization is design of new materials and chips, was of a special interest to “Global Energy” International Prize delegation. Three reports made by head officers of the center were listened to with great attention (specifically, Dr. Ursus Krüger presented the Center, Dr. Jens Jensen reported about developments in nanotechnologies and surface topography, and Dr. Arno Steckenborn reported about developments in disperse coatings). Visit to laboratories of the Center was also interesting, where the young scholars were provided with answers to many of questions they had – and even with the opportunity of a practical work in the Center.

Meeting held in Russian Embassy in Germany was very eventful. Mr. Demidkin D.D., Russian Embassy Adviser for Science, Technology and Education, and Mr. Zaritsky B.Ye., Adviser for Economy, were having talks and discussions with members of the delegation for more than 2 hours. Many matters of science and education on the whole and many specific innovational research processes were discussed. The discussions involved comparisons between German and Russian practical experience and analysis of both strong and weak points of various processes. Of course, the meeting was also focused on further development of Russian power industry and on the mutually advantageous cooperation between the two countries in informational exchange between young specialists in science.

Finally, a press conference was held in honor of “Global Energy” International Prize delegation. Professor Klaus Riedle, “Global Energy” International Prize Laureate 2005, told about what he felt on hearing the news of his awarding with the prize, about the ceremony of decoration with the highly honorable prize performed in Russian Presidential Residence, and shared his impressions of his meetings with young Russian specialists. While making the interim summary of “Global Energy” International Prize Road-Show in Europe, Klaus Riedle emphasized that events such as this are vital for the raising of a new generation of power industry specialists and for a truly efficient power industry dialogue between Russia and Germany.

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