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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

The World Future Energy Summit: Day 2

During the 2 day of the WFES 2015 the GEP team visited Masdar City – the first ecological city of the world that will fully operate on the renewables’ energy. Its construction is paid attention to globally.

As a reminder, the city is constructed South-East to Abu Dhabi, 17 km from it. It is a unique “green place” for experiments as regards to energy efficiency and ecology. Is showcases sustainable ecological environment with the minimal carbon emissions that will benefit 45000 of its citizens. Masdar City is expected to host 1500 enterprises specializing in clean technologies.

As of now the construction of the 2 line of the city has begun. Educational institution, research institute and some business objects have been built already. All buildings use modern technologies including PV panels on their roofs. The energy for the city is also produced by the 10Wt solar station.

According to the Partnership’s President Igor Lobovsky, the project helps UAE to diversify its national power mix: “The modern economy is dependent on the oil market changes and struggles from crises that we see now. Having the hugest oil reserves, UAE also develop renewable sources of energy. Masdar City is a great example. Supertechnologies and innovation are used here. They could be exported in the future. This will help the country to boost those sectors of economy that are not dependent on oil”.

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