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Young scientist Dmitry Lopatin won`t be sent to jail for his invention

Good news have just arrived from Krasnodar! The Prosecutor's Office of Krasnodar Region will not require a tougher punishment for The Energy of Youth 2012 winner Dmitry Lopatin.  Dmitry`s lawyer Nikolay Ostroukh confirmed this information. "Bearing in mind Lopatin's personality, the circumstances of his crime and the fact that the psychotropic substance was confiscated, it has been decided to agree with the punishment handed down,"  told a spokesman for Krasnodar's Prosecutor General. 

The troubles for Dmitry started back in 2014. When young Russian scientist ordered a can of solvent from an online store in China last year for work on his design for a new kind of solar panel, little did he suspect that the purchase could land him behind bars for 11 years. The gamma-Butyrolactone that Lopatin ordered is included on the psychotropic substances list of the Federal Drugs Control Service (FSKN), and when Lopatin, 26, went to the post office in the city of Krasnodar where he lives and works to pick up the parcel, narcotics officers were waiting for him. He was handcuffed and taken to the FSKN's offices
In what analysts say is a typical case of the Russian law enforcement system striving to meet targets and tick boxes — regardless of the existence or otherwise of criminal intent — Lopatin was charged with the illegal acquisition and exportation of psychotropic substances on a large scale. Last month, a Krasnodar court found him guilty of buying drugs, though not of intending to sell them, and gave the scientist a three-year suspended sentence.

Lopatin's lawyer appealed the ruling, but he was not the only one. The prosecutors were not satisfied with the decision either, and also lodged an appeal, insisting that Lopatin should be declared a drug dealer and calling for him to be given 11 years in prison.


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