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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

The fourth stage of “Energy of Adventure” program: 10 days cycling

On August, 29 the fourth stage of the “Energy of Adventure” program of the “Global Energy”, Non-Profit Partnership is starting. According to its tradition, the Partnership holds this cycling tour under the theme of energy-efficiency. This time the program’s participants are heading to the heart of Europe: the Switzerland. From this destination they will cover 300 km cycling up to Italy.

Within 10 days the cyclists will keep to the following points: Zurich, Lucerne, Fluelen, Andermatt, Airolo, Bellinzona, Agno, Chiasso, and Milan. Young travelers will visit the biggest energy object of region.

Mikhail Belov, the graduate of the geographic department of Moscow State University will head the group of cyclists. Being a strong supporter of “green” energy, Mikhail has gathered a group of friends last year to travel across the most beautiful places of the Balkans. They challenged themselves with cycling for 500 km across Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro and Albania. The audience closely followed this journey in social media. Colorful pictures showed the “Global Energy” flag placed in different points of the Balkans, as well as enjoyed picturesque view of various countries. Upon their return, the travelers underlined that using bicycles was a correct decision. “During the whole trip we saw local citizens taking care of the nature. That was not a surprise. That s what everyone should do in order to save its beauty.”

As a reminder, the first stage of the “Energy of Adventure” program took place in 2012. Back than its participants had traveled across all continents and got acquainted with the energy of 13 countries, including - Australia, UAE, Finland, China and Israel. Within two months of traveling they discovered the world of renewable energy, full of amazing facts and trends. So, they found out that in Norway almost half of the demand for heat is provided by burning garbage. In the UAE, parking payment’ machines are charged by solar panels and in Iceland the energy derived from geothermal sources creates conditions for the greeneries where they grow vegetables, fruits and even tropical plants.

The second stage of the program took place in 2013 and was equally successful. Via “Throw to the East” expedition, a team of four intrepid geographers went in All-Russian tour by car which was equipped with solar panels. Overcoming 30,000 km in 75 days and having been in hundreds of cities and major energy facilities of the country, the travelers admitted later that this trip had turned their idea of the Russian energy field and of the country as a whole. Among the facilities visited by the participants were the only refinery in Northwest Russia and the unique Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP.

What energy facilities will our “adventurers” see this time? What incredibly new information they will find out regarding the renewable energy of Europe? All the details of the adventure, the facts and figures from the world of modern energy, unique photos and video - on the pages of  the Global Energy Prize!

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