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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

Energy of sun for the “Energy of Adventure”: energy-efficient cycling

Very soon, just in 2 days, the fourth stage of “Energy of Adventure” program of the “Global Energy”, Non-profit partnership is starting! This time a team of bright travelers will cover 300 km on bicycles from Switzerland to Italy. During this trip they will actively use the energy of sun. How do they manage?

They will charge their cells, cameras and notebooks with the energy derived from sun by the solar panel. The young scientist, Dmitry Lopatin, has shared with the travelers his technology for which he was awarded with the “Energy of Youth” grant in 2012. 

Dmitry is engaged in producing super-slim and flexible solar panels. They work effectively in slanting sunlight. They could be attached to the clothing or a tent.
Our young innovator prints his energy-consuming panels on a special device, the closest analogue of which is an inkjet printer. Fiberglass or plastic is placed in it. Then several layers of battery are deposition on it. Perovskite, a rare organometallic element is used in the manufacturing process rather than silicon. This results in a three-dimensional surface of the solar battery which allows operating efficiently even at sunset on a cloudy day and even in the fog. Full time of panel’s usage is sufficiently increased.

The solar panel will be tested during the “Energy of Adventure” trip. All the details are coming on the Global Energy Prize page!

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