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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

Three millions for innovation in energy: the application period for the “Energy of Youth” is about to open

On September, 1 the “Global Energy”, Non-Profit Partnership announces the beginning of application period for participation in the XII All-Russian contest of Youth scientific projects “The Energy of Youth”. Young Russian scientists under 35 years of age from all regions of country are eligible for the grant. The due date for application is October, 15. Each winner will receive a grant of RUB 1 mln. for the continuation of research. The total prize fund – RUB 3 mln. 

According to the President of “Global Energy”, Non-profit Partnership Igor Lobovsky, “Partnership is really proud of the “Energy of Youth” program, the twelfth annual cycle of which is starting on the 1 of September. Thanks to it promising young scientists receive kind of a “free pass” into scientific world. The grant is provided for the continuation of research. This often plays a key role, both in terms of scientific work, and in testing technologies and subsequently bringing them to production. Thus, the program encourages young scientists to engage in developments that are of practical benefit to our country. “

The “Energy of Youth” is becoming more representative each year. Over the last eleven years 180 young scientists from 51 regions of Russia became its winners. The total amount of grants exceeds RUB 32.5 mln. It is vital that the projects of young scientists cover all fields of energy, and have great practical application.

Thus the successful story of the 2012 “Energy of Youth” winner Dmitry Lopatin from Krasnodar became exponential. The grant has helped Dmitry to realize scientific ideas in the framework of a successful startup - the company WIRA Energy. The startup has already received four patents. Main projects of the young scientist are wireless chargers and printable flexible solar batteries. The interest in their production exists not only in Russia, but also abroad, particularly in India. “If we talk about the project of solar panels, now we are close to their small-scale production. We plan to produce about 1,000 m2 on the device we are about to start running at the moment. Printable solar panels are able to work effectively in the slanting sunlight. Then we will do some houses with solar power, to show that the technology works and that it can be applied”, - says Lopatin. – “We will estimate how much it costs and its payback period.”

The project of young scientist from Tomsk, Pavel Strizhak, is also developing successfully. He works on the causes of fires and accidents at thermal power plants. He has received the “Energy of Youth” grant in 2013 for the development of the basic elements of the theory of energy-efficient and safe ignition of fine coal fuels. According to Pavel, “Technological regulations for thermal power plants have been introduced 50-60 years ago. Over this time, the quality of coal has changed, new fields have been developed, and properties of the fuel have changed.  Old regulations cannot fully protect against accidents”. Working on the project (having carried out 200 series of experiments with 16 different types of coal from 20 fields), the young scientist has created a software application that allows predicting the conditions of unregulated fires. The software product can be applied in all thermal power plants that burn coal at temperatures ranging from 400 up to 1500 degrees, which is about at a thousand stations worldwide, 200-300 of which are in Russia. At the moment the application is already being run in a test mode at two stations in Krasnoyarsk and Kemerovo region. “The continuation of the project  inquires the study of safe combustion regimes for “composite liquid fuel” – the so-called mixture of coal, water, waste engine oil, crude oil and even garbage,” - says Pavel Strizhak.

Another winner of the 2013 “Energy of Youth”, an aspiring scientist from Irkutsk Vasily Pavlichenko has also achieved significant results. He proposed a new, virtually waste-free way of biofuel production. He has used the advanced technologies of gene engineering, and created a modified poplar. “During the project I was able to achieve an accelerated growth rate of the tree. In the laboratory, our samples are growing 30% faster than in natural conditions,” - says the scientist. Several countries are already showing interest in the project. But it requires the next phase - field tests. “Few investors are willing to support financially such research in the initial phase.  So the “Global Energy’s” grant was very important for my scientific team. We also managed to popularize our line of work due to the large media interest in the contest”- sums up Vasily.

To participate in the XII All-Russian contest of Youth scientific projects “The Energy of Youth”, young scientists should apply at the Global Energy Prize website, within the framework of OUR PROGRAMS/ENERGY OF YOUTH

The contest is unanimous:  independent international experts consider the work without knowing the names and places of work or study of participants. After this evaluation, the Partnership announces the names of 3 winners at the Global Energy Prize website  on the beginning of November 2015.

The application period: September, 1 till October, 15.

All questions regarding the participation can be forwarded to

Additional information:
Natalia Naumova, PR manager for the Global Energy Prize

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