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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

Can science be sexy?

Igor Lobovsky, President of “Global Energy”, Non-profit Partnership on development of international research and projects in the field of energy, which manages the eponymous international energy prize, will hold a speech at “Open Innovations” Forum. Within the framework of round table “Can science be sexy?” he will present his vision of the fact that being smart and purposeful nowadays is not only honorable but profitable as well. 

Igor Lobovsky will unveil who is standing now behind the world of new technologies, who and how can be inspired to produce innovative solutions for the energy sector, as well as he will  share the successful experience of “Global Energy”, Non-profit Partnership in this direction.

“- The Global Energy Prize is one of the most reputable and respectful international awards in the area of natural science. It is being annually awarded to the best scientists all around the world for research and developments that help address the most pivotal and pressing energy issues globally”, - says Igor Lobovsky. – “We are rallying around shared goals the creative community of talented scientists, researchers and experts in the field of energy from Russia and many other countries. The pool of nominating persons consists of 3000 leading scientists from 83 countries – thus in unites virtually all experts of global energy society.

Innovations and striving for the best – are not just words for the Partnership. Along with the Global Energy Prize, we have established a dozen of various programs over the last years. So, we are encouraging young scientists, engage in energy science popularization, and acknowledge professional and objective coverage of these topics by mass media. We have precise examples of how scientific research benefits humankind. Our active young scientists who generate new ideas confirm that to be smart today is also fashionable. Smart - is new sexy, as they say,”- sums up the President of the Partnership.

Note that “Open Innovations” Forum will be held from October, 28 to November, 1 at ENEA site. Igor Lobovsky’s presentation is scheduled for November, 1.

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