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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

The Global Energy Prize laureates will talk about the “bright future” of humanity

On November 19th, at the plenary meetings of the international forum on energy efficiency and energy saving ENES 2015 the Global Energy Prize laureates will give a speech. They will talk about the “bright future” that awaits humanity.

Global Energy Prize is an international award acknowledging the best minds of the world for an exceptional contribution to the solution of energy problems and the development of the industry in the whole world. For over ten years it has been presented to theorists and practitioners whose discoveries and technological innovations in the field of energy benefit the whole humankind.

33 laureates from 10 different countries have already been introduced to the golden history of the Global Energy Prize. Among them are:   American scientist of Japanese origin Shuji Nakamura, the inventor of blue LED, which gave the world  white energy-efficient lighting; American scientist  Arthur Rosenfeld, widely known for his progressive technology of “smart” energy-efficient buildings; Japanese chemist Akira Yoshino, the  inventor of lithium-ion battery; Boris Katorgin, who created a unique rocket engine RD-180.

Every year the Global Energy Prize is presented by the President of the Russian Federation.The winners are determined by the Global Energy Prize International Award Committee that includes 20 well-known scientists from 13 countries, led by Nobel Peace Prize winner, Briton Rodney Allam.

The 2012 Global Energy Prize, Rodney John Allam, will give a speech on November 19 at the plenary session “International cooperation: together to the energy efficient economy and energy development.” Earlier Rodney Allam has developed high-performance oxygen-fuel power systems to upgrade power plants using pulverized coal, and found a new method of compression of carbon dioxide with its simultaneous purification from impurities. Now he is working on technology that in future will allow people to produce electricity without pollution: power plants on natural gas. These plants will utilize all products of the gas combustion underground, rather than release them into atmosphere.

The 2005 Global Energy Prize laureate Klaus Riedle (Germany) will take part in the panel discussion “Development of mechanical engineering for the needs of energy: the role of energy companies, Russian and international equipment manufacturers”. This specialist in the field of gas turbine power was given the highest award for the «Development and creation of powerful high-temperature gas turbines for combined cycle-steam and gas power plants.” Klaus Riedle has spent the monetary part of the award on the development of Russian-German scientific cooperation: he created a fund that provides students from the Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MEI) with the money for the trips to Erlangen, to visit the Friedrich-Alexander University, and also offers scholarships for those who are willing to work in Russia.

Another important participant of the “Energy of the Future” panel discussion will be a brilliant scientist from Iceland, the 2007 Global Energy Prize laureate, Thorsteinn Ingi Sigfusson. Professor Sigfusson is known for his valuable contribution to the development of the use of hydrogen fuel program and implementing hydrogen energy technology in Iceland. He proved that fuel cells based on hydrogen energy are environmentally friendly, do not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere and have high efficiency converting from 60 up to 70% of the fuel energy into electricity.

Moreover, the Forum agenda includes over 40 events devoted to the energy conservation in the various economical sectors, energy development, innovations and international cooperation and also interrogation between the young generation and energy industries.  ENES-2015 will bring together more than 7,000 leaders and experts from 85 regions of Russia and more than 20 different countries.

In addition, the forum will hold an award ceremony of the XII All-Russian contest of Youth scientific projects «The Energy of Youth», which has been organized by the “Global Energy”, Non-profit partnership since 2004. The Commission of Experts will award three research teams of young scientists under the age of 35 and each of them will be granted RUB 1 mln for the continuation of their research. The 2015 winners come form St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Korolev.

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