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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

Innovation in the nomination!

The period of accepting applications for the Global Energy Prize has started for three thousand experts from eighty-three countries around the world. The beginning of the 15th anniversary nomination cycle is marked by the launch of a new application submission system for the Prize.

Traditionally "Global energy" develops and expands the nomination  process innovatively, in different years there were different tools: the introduction of an independent international expertise, identification of the applications by ID, the conversion of paper flow to digital one, and more.

However, now we are talking about the unique work. This is not just a step forward, this is the beginning of a new phase in the history of the Global Energy Prize. The benefits of innovative developments will be especially appreciated by its most active users – those who have the right to nominate for the Prize, the experts of world level (the so-called "Nobel principle”). The main result of the system implementation will be an even higher level of laureates. What is the innovation?

The nominating platform will be closely linked with world's most objective bases of scientific publications and scientometrical data. The system allows nominators to see the scientists’ portfolio from this database and to supplement the application with the Scopus information automatically.

As a result, one of the most important "global" benefits of the transition to the new application system will be forming the most complete, reliable presentation for each nominee. It is important that all scientific information in applications is saved and systematized and it serves as a basis for analyses and energy projections. As a result, the new system will be a kind of modern tool in research development, which is along with scientists’ promotion remains one of the project’s main objectives.

“The Global Energy Prize can analyze trends and suggest areas of activity that must be followed in the future", – said the Chairman of the International Award Committee, the Nobel Prize winner from Great Britain Rodney John Allam.

Scientific portfolio of the nominators will be also formed – so the Partnership gets the opportunity to update and expand the pool of the nominators. The whole history of their activity and their personal data will be stored in personal accounts, which eliminates the need for the nominators to re-enter their personal information every year.

There is another unique innovation: those who have no right to nominate for the Prize can fill in the application to receive the status of the nominator. In addition, the system allows researchers to become a part of the Global Energy Prize experts and perform work on the assessment of submissions on a commercial basis.

The President of the Non-profit partnership "Global energy" Igor Lobovsky says: "Today we live in a dynamic world of high technologies. The science is constantly evolving, new developments and bright names in the energy sector appear every day. The Global Energy Prize develops actively as well. The best proof is the launch of a truly innovative system of the submission of applications for the Prize, developed in conjunction with colleagues from MIPT. The procedure becomes easier and more efficient, while remaining completely transparent. It has many advantages, but what is more important, we solve several important tasks: improve the nominating process, raise the level of nominees, and, therefore, of laureates, as well as expand the pool of nominators. Meanwhile, reference to authoritative scientific databases is a kind of quality assurance of applications".

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