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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

The Nobel Prize winner: energy industry needs new technologies and economic model

What global technological alterations are to happen in energy field and why this requires profound change in the current economic model? How can electric grid connect Russia, China, Japan, South Korea and Mongolia? What does the Global Energy Prize have to do with this? The Global Energy Prize International Award Committee member, the Nobel Peace Prize winner Rae Kwon Chung will cover all these issues and many more others in his presentations.

Mr. Chung is a world-recognized expert; he pioneered the concept of “green growth”. This concept substantially elaborates the sustainable development strategy based on the principle of economic growth along with maintaining of ecological balance for the benefit of future generations.

The scientist’s contribution to the activity of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was marked with the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. For a long time Rae Kwon Chung held position of Principal Advisor on Climate Change to the Secretary-general of the UN Ban Ki-moon. Currently the scientist is a member of the Global Energy Prize International Award Committee and holds position of Advisor to the Chair of HELP (High-level Expert and Leaders Panel) on Water and Disaster for the Secretary-general of the UN.

On October 18th and 19th Mr. Chung will be the headliner of two international events in Moscow: V International electric power forum Rugrids-Electro and sixth HSE Academic Conference on Foresight and STI Policy.

On October 18th Rae Kwon Chung will speak at the Rugrids-Electro key plenary session “Electric Power 4.0. On the threshold of global technological changes”. Along with the scientist, the key speakers at the panel will be the members of the Partnersip Board of Trustees: Russian Minister of energy Alexander Novak and CEO of PJSC “Russian Grids” Oleg Budargin. Other participants of the discussion are: CEO of Kaspersky laboratory Evgeniy Kaspersky, Vice-president of Strategic developments fund Vladimir Knyaginin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Russian Technology Foundation, a member of KEGOC Board of Directors Dominique Fache and President of the European association Smart Energy Maher Chebbo.

The topic of Mr. Rae Kwon Chung’s speech is "Opportunities for North East Asia Super Grid". According to the scientist, Russia can dramatically improve the ASG project feasibility. He also positively evaluates our country’s possibilities in new economic realities: “You can become the center of green technologies. The military technologies may be involved in natural resources management, but Russia needs to maintain business and society transparency”, – believes the scientist.

On October 19th Mr. Chung will participate in the HSE Academic Conference on Foresight and STI Policy. The scientist will speak about “Paradigm shift of Economics for Low Carbon Future”. Estimating the present world situation, the scientist emphasizes the urgent need in profound changes: market economy and democracy as a political regime have outdated itself. Rae Kwon Chung will delve on this subject and a new economic model during the conference.

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