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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

The winner of the All-Russian contest the “Energy of Breakthrough” was awarded in Skolkovo

The awarding ceremony of the winner of the 2nd All-Russian contest of implemented innovative projects in the field of energy, the Energy of Breakthrough”, Mikhail Chernetsky took place on October 27th in the framework of the “Open Innovations” forum in Skolkovo Technopark. The scientist received the award for the research project, which opens new perspectives in the coal-based energy.

Mikhail developed the software package SigmaFlame based on a mathematical model, which helps to improve environmental safety and efficiency of coal combustion. The program simulates this process in virtual environment: "We are able to look at the hot furnace chamber from the inside, to figure out the patterns of the combustion of coal, and to track the dependence of the formation of harmful emissions and contamination of the heating surfaces from a variety of factors”, - said the young innovator.

As coal makes a significant contribution to the global energy production and experts predict that its consumption in the coming years will still grow, the relevance and practical value of Chernetsky’s technology is undoubted. The performance of more than 20 large coal-fired boilers on the territory of Russia and abroad has already been optimized with its help. Multimillion-ruble effects are obtained by improving their performance and reducing significantly the number of required tests. In particular, the software was used in the reconstruction of a coal-fired boiler installed at Berezovskaya peat-fired thermal power station. With increasing boiler capacity by 100 MW net present value amounted to 180 million rubles with a payback period of 3 years.

The president of the "Global Energy" Non-Profit partnership Igor Lobovsky congratulated the winner and said: “We established the "Energy of Breakthrough” two years ago to encourage the success of young scholars in the implementation of their developments. RUB 1 mln is awarded for innovation introduced in the past five years. Mikhail’s technology is relevant for the coal industry. This area is important, as coal accounts for 29% to 40% of global energy production ".

Mikhail Chernetsky, in his turn, expressed gratitude for the recognition and stressed the interest of the business to the technology: “Many engineering companies, which develop new solutions and equipment for coal-fired boilers, use this mathematical model to optimize the boiler operation, to solve various technical problems. The award is a great incentive for further work, which allows to create new and improve existing energy equipment and technologies".

As a reminder, the Siberian coal energy company became an official partner of the contest in 2016. ”The All-Russian contest the Energy of Breakthrough” solves very important task, contributing to the development of young scientists, realizing their creative and intellectual abilities. Every day humankind requires more and more energy, so the intensification of innovative work in this area, without a doubt, is one of the global development priorities. SUEK attaches particular importance to supporting scientific-practical activities, research and development in the energy sector and appreciates its partnership with the "Global Energy”, - said Sergey Grigoriev, deputy General Director of SUEK, Director of public relations and communications.

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