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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

In memory of the Global Energy Prize laureates RAS academician Nikolay Laverov and professor Brian Spalding

The Global Energy Prize 2009 two renowned, extremely talented laureates - RAS academician Nikolay Laverov (Russia) and professor Brian Spalding (UK) died on November 27.

The international scientific world has suffered the grievous loss. Infinitely committed to their profession, these scientists not just worked every day – they were true path breakers in their research and laid the basis of contemporary energy science.

RAS academician Nikolay Laverov was awarded the Global Energy Prize for fundamental research and widespread implementation of new methods for prospecting, exploration and development of oil, gas and uranium resources, as well as confirming the locations and presence of large-scale deposits of these minerals. The scientist’s research played the key role in establishing the world’s largest mineral raw material base.

The research made by Nikolay Laverov was successfully implemented not only in nuclear industry, but also in the solution of issues related to the strengthening of national defense capability. Lately the scientist was working on the analysis of Russian fuel and energy complex resources potential, as well as research of technological solutions aimed at the development of new sources of hydrocarbon and improvement of exploration efficiency.

Nikolay Laverov chaired the Global Energy Prize International Award Committee from 2010 to 2012 and was the head of the Prize Board of Trustees from 2013 to 2015. Being on this position the scientist made huge contribution to the development of international projects and cooperation in energy field.

Professor Brian Spaulding was not only the member of Royal Academy of Engineering, but also the foreign member of Russian Academy of Sciences. The scientist was awarded the Global Energy Prize for numerous original concepts of heat-and-mass transfer processes, which formed the basis of practical calculations in fluid mechanics and computational fluid mechanics.

Brian Spalding is called the “farther” of computational fluid dynamics. He was the creator of the first commercially available Computational Fluid Dynamics Software and translated some fundamental works by Soviet scholars to English.

The scientist really liked Russia, enjoyed visiting our country and working with his Russian colleagues. Professor Spalding even translated to English some poetry by Alexander Pushkin and published this book for the English-speaking readers.

While participating actively in the “Global Energy” project’s academician Laverov and professor Spalding with their personal example showed the importance of constant cooperation of the world’s best scientists in order to find solutions to the most urgent energy issues.

The Global Energy Prize expresses deep condolences to the laureates’ relatives and friends.

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