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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

Series of lectures was held in Moscow in the framework of “The Energy of Knowledge” program

On November 24 the Global Energy Prize laureate 2005 Klaus Riedle (Germany) delivered a lecture at Moscow school №1374 and the main building of Moscow State Institute of International Relations. During the same day the Global Energy Prize International Award Committee member William Il Buyn (Singapore) lectured at MGIMO filiation in Odintsovo.

Within the framework of “The Energy of Knowledge” program Klaus Riedle told the audience about his career and scientific achievements and recalled his first steps in profession.

According to the scientist, 35 years of his life he devoted to nuclear energy, working on nuclear safety analysis at Siemens. In 1989 it became obvious, that no new nuclear plants were to be built in Germany, so the scientist had to look for alternatives and soon got interested in more perspective gas turbines.

Klaus Riedle also gave some valuable advice to the young generation. He urged children to try hard to get as good and as broad education as they can, learn and practice foreign languages. “When looking for a profession, a career, try to identify, what you are good at and what could be a needed service you can give to society, something you would like to tell proudly your friends about”, - noted the scientist. Klaus Riedle also believes that whatever career one takes, he/she needs to stay curious about new developments, stay aware and open for changes in technologies, products, habits of society and politics. It is also important not to throw things away too easily, just because it is hard work and too many hours.

In MGIMO Klaus Riedle was speaking about future energy technologies and their possible application in Russia. In the scientist’s opinion, for Russia energy is twice as important as for many other countries, since it is a large consumer and even bigger supplier of energy. “The energy equipment should be developed by Russian engineers and manufactured by Russian companies. Most of the energy equipment components have a very long lifecycle, therefore its development and manufacturing efforts need a longterm strategy”, - said the scientist.

During the same day the member of the Global Energy Prize International Award Committee William Il Buyn met with the MGIMO students at the university Odintsovo filiation.

The meeting was opened by the “Global Energy” Associaion president Igor Lobovsky: “Why the scientific world and public have been talking about the Prize for the whole 15 years? Why Eastern and Western journalists call it “Nobel prize in energy field”? The thing is that the Global Energy Prize not only stimulates the energy science development, but demonstrates the significance of international energy cooperation in energy supply, energy efficiency and energy safety”.

Being the managing director at Asia Renewables, William Buyn is the acknowledged expert in the region green energy and knows exactly what experience exchange will be mutually beneficial for Russia and Asia. According to the scientist, economic activities between Russia and Asia are only beginning. There are multiple areas of aligned interest shared between the two. The scientist believes that Russia has very specific experiences which give it advantages in engaging Asia, especially in the energy. “There is a significant, long-term energy demand growth in Asia, yet a gap remains between the supply and demand. Renewables are becoming more and more commercially competitive”, - stated William Buyn.

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