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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

Rodney John Allam – about trends in the world scientific research and alternatives to traditional energy generation in Russia

In less than two weeks the application period for the Global Energy Prize closes. The first stage of the XV nomination cycle (in particular, nominating candidates for this prestigious international award)  closes on December 20. In April, 2017 we will find out, which research will be evaluated by the Global Energy Prize this year and which scientist/scientists will become the Prize laureate/s.

Innovations in the field of renewable energy were among technologies that aroused highest interest of the world scholars in 2016. “In the XIV nomination cycle 25% of research was dedicated to renewable energy. The second place (22%) held technologies in the field of coal, oil and gas. The third place went to such areas as nuclear and electric power energy (16% each)”, – notes Rodney John Allam, chairman of the Global Energy Prize International Award Committee. Taking into consideration the fact that experts from 83 countries (more than half countries of the world) nominate for the Prize, conclusion can be drawn that renewable energy and the ways of its development present a trend of the world scientific research. “I personally hope that scientists will concentrate more on the field of energy production, in particular, on the use of the energy sources for hydrogen production for fuel cells of cars”, – summarizes the scientist.

It should be noted that search for the best scientific technologies is closely interconnected with the challenges of contemporary energy. In particular, according to Rodney John Allam, it is renewable energy that can become beneficial alternative to traditional energy generation in the remote regions of Russia (Rodney John Allam is also the Global Energy Prize laureate 2012 and a member of the intergovernmental group of experts on climate change awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007). This opinion the scientist introduced in the course of the Global Energy Prize Summit, which took place in Moscow recently.

Estimating the world fuel and energy balance, Rodney John Allam noted that all realistic prognosis agree on the fact that hydrocarbons will remain the major source of energy up to the end of the XXI century. But the future of energy is impossible without renewables and nuclear energy production, which account for 20% of the world energy consumption so far.

Fighting CO2 emission should become the priority task for Russian energy specialists, according to Rodney John Allam. This issue needs to be solved by means of development, testing and active implementation of CO2 capture and storage technologies. Such technologies already exist in the world and will actively implemented in 50 forthcoming years.

“Of course, we are looking forward to analyzing this year’s innovations, which will compete for the Prize in the anniversary nomination cycle. I’d like to remind that all applications will undergo evaluation process during three independent international expert evaluation. Final choice of the laureate will be made by the Global Energy Prize International Award Committee comprised of 20 outstanding energy experts representing 13 countries of the world”, – summarizes Rodney John Allam.

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