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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

The year of success and innovations

The outgoing year 2016 turned out to be the year of breakthroughs for the Global Energy Association and the same-named international energy award. The project has more vividly approved itself in the energy world, having strengthened its status as the center of attraction to many brilliant minds of the industry from various countries of the world. The breakthrough has been accomplished in several areas, including quantity and quality of the organized events, accepted nomination applications, development and launch of the new nominating platform, as well as numerous awards given to the Global Energy programs this year.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that the Laureates’ week 2016 in Saint Petersburg – the key event of the Global Energy Prize – achieved a record. The number of activities initiated and successfully held by the Global Energy Prize this week grew twice in comparison to the year 2015. Apart from such traditional events as press-conference with the participation of the 2016 laureate RAS academician Valentin Parmon and the Prize laureates of various years or scientific symposium “The Energy of Thought”, many events of the new format were held. For example, the Global Energy Prize along with the Russian Academy of Sciences gathered the Nobel Prize winners in the framework of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in order to discuss the humanity global issues in perspective up to 2033. Many youth oriented events were also held in the framework of the Laureates’ week, with June 15th being the Global Energy youth day. The winners of such youth programs as “The Energy of Youth” and “The Energy of Start” gathered this day in St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Talented young specialists in the field of energy and students interested in this area presented their projects and discussed the future of fuel and energy complex of Russia. The audience’s special interest followed by a number of questions was aroused by the project of  the research team from rom Nizhny Novgorod led by Dmitry Solntsev. This project will confirm operability of a new type generation reactor which is to provide power for the world's first floating nuclear power plant. Thanks to it residents from remote areas of Pevek (Chukotka) and Vilyuchensk (Kamchatka) who has no centralized power supply will be able to get electricity and heat in their homes and at work.

It should be noted that in 2016 the Global Energy Prize for the first time introduced its own stand at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The stand turned into the center of numerous activities – the first in history open meeting of the Global Energy Prize International Award Committee was held there, as well as a Foresight session organized together with Higher School of Economics. Several partner agreements have even been signed right at the stand (for example, the agreement between the Global Energy Association and “Power machines” company or between the Global Energy Association and MIPT). The stand hosted a number of talks, the subject of which was not only science and energy, but perspectives of the Association organizational development. Thus, strong foundation was built for the further development of international scientific cooperation. One more advantage of the Global Energy stand – the youngest generation of energy specialist – winners of the “Energy Start” (high school students) had a unique opportunity to communicate with the world stars of energy science. 

Of course, the main hero of the whole Laureates’ week 2016 was the Prize laureate – scientific advisor of the Institute of Catalysis under The Siberian branch of RAS academician Valentin Parmon. The scientist spoke at the several press-conferences, lectured at Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University LETI and was the key participant of the Global Energy’s all initiatives these days. Thus, the wide audience had a chance to receive the first-hand information about the “global” scientific research of the scientist – new generation of catalysts – and learn about its successful implementation in Russia and its importance for the Russian energy.

It is worth mentioning that in 2016 the Global Energy Prize all activities were included in programs of such significant energy events as World Future Energy Summit in Abu-Dabi, electric power energy forum Rugrids-Electro and international forum on energy efficiency and energy development ENES. The Prize laureates and members of the Global Energy Prize International Award Committee were among the key speakers of these events and made huge contribution to the analysis of perspectives and ways of development of the world energy. Few people in the world know more about energy than these scientists, which means that their participations in such forums is not only an obvious advantage, but the necessity as well. These experts’ experience enriches all events and is taken into account on the highest level.

Traditionally one of the central events of the year was The Global Energy Prize Summit. This year the summit returned to its historical homeland – to Moscow and was held in the framework of ENES forum. 10 energy experts from 6 countries of the world pointed out the main stress-factors of the world energy development and the ways of the most effective response to them. The summit participants managed to work out the stress-scenario of the world energy development, offer the alternative ways of its development and reveal the most perspective technologies.

The year 2016 will be remembered for the start of The Global Energy Prize Tour – the Association new and very perspective project. The energy tour started at High School of Economics and will continue the next year with the series of thematic speeches of the Prize laureates in other countries. The end of the tour in 2017 will be devoted to the 15th anniversary of the Prize.

In comparison to the last cycle the number of unique applications (received this year alone) has grown twice, whereas the total amount of nominees is close to 200. Traditionally impressing is the competition geography – scientists who will compete for the Prize represent China, the USA, Australia, Bangladesh, India – altogether more than 10 countries.

The true breakthrough of the outgoing year is the development of an absolutely new nominating platform for the Global Energy Prize in collaboration with MIPT.  Automatized and closely intertwined with the world's most objective bases of scientific publications and scientometrical data, the new platform without any doubt presents a unique difference of the Global Energy Prize from other scientific international awards. The system allows nominators to see the scientists’ portfolio and have all information about the nominee. It is important that all scientific information in applications is saved and systematized and it serves as a basis for analyses and energy projections. As a result, the new system will be a kind of modern tool in research development, which is along with scientists’ promotion remains one of the project’s main objectives. The obvious result – even more respected nominees and, therefore, the Prize truly great laureates.

The Global Energy’s achievements are closely followed by the local and foreign media. In 2016 the Association was marked by a number of prestigious awards, both national and international. Such authoritative outlets as the Daily Telegraph (UK), Handelsblatt (Germany), Russia Beyond The Headlines (an international project of Rossiyskaya gazeta), Le Figaro (France) and Rossiyskaya gazeta devoted their pages to the Prize analysis and information about the Global Energy programs.

The beauty and effectiveness of the Global Energy awarding ceremony has been recognized by the two awards: the international jury of the Global Event Awards and the jury of the national prize among the event organizers "Golden puzzle-2016". The prestigious IPRA Golden World Awards marked the role of the Global Energy in the development of professional communication and finding the best specialists in energy industry. A number of youth programs of the Global Energy – "Energy of youth", "Energy of breakthrough", "Energy of adventure", "Energy of knowledge" was also awarded an honorary nominations. The project "Scientists are the super-heroes of the 21st century" was included in the short-list of two awards – SABRE Awards 2016 in the region Europe-Middle East-Africa and ICCO Global Awards.

"The year 2016 was a very rich, eventful for the Global Energy. Of course, political and economic situation in the world and in the country also had its influence, but the Association founders and the organization itself tried to minimize it. We go forward, we are not afraid to try new formats of events. They are also oriented at young people, young specialists in the energy sector and at a wide audience in general. The 2017, its anniversary year, the Global Energy Association enters with lots of ideas and initiatives, which will be interesting to follow and participate and which will remain faithful to one of the main tasks of the organization – to promote international studies and projects in the field of energy ", – the President of the Association Igor Lobovsky said.

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