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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

GEP laureate 2017 visit the OSJC “Power machines”

Today the scientific symposium Energy of Thought was held. It was attended by the General Director of Power Machines, Roman Filippov, the First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Science and Higher School of the Government of St. Petersburg, Irina Ganus, the President of the Global Energy Prize, Igor Lobovsky, the laureate 2017 - Michael Graetzel, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor of the PTI. A.F. Loffe - Vyacheslav Andreev and young winners of the Energy of Youth program: Alexey Bychkov, Sergey Kashcheev and Ivan Matsak.

At the beginning of the symposium, Roman Filippov said a few words about the activities of Power Machines, he expressly indicated that it is impossible to overestimate the significance of long-term cooperation with the Global Energy Prize and personally thanked the president of the association - Igor Lobovsky for many years of interest and attention to the organization, as well as for the possibility to "keep in touch with the big science". After that, the participants of the event were greeted by Irina Ganus, she payed special attention to the fact that the event took place exactly today, when St.-Petersburg turned 314 years old: "This is filled with a particular importance, it is worth noting that the city was initially raised by its creator as the cradle of science and education in Russia".

After that Igor Lobovsky addressed a short thank-you speech to the host party. He pointed out that for the association the partnership with the Power Machines always was extremely pleasant and useful. The president of the association also shared joyful news with the audience - that this year the award has a jubilee. Also he briefly highlighted the recent events that took place in the Global Energy Prize  over the past year. Then he introduced Michael Graetzel and the winners of the Energy of Youth.

Next the word took the laureate, he presented his development – the Graetzel Cells to the audience. The scientist described in detail how he managed to develop a new generation of solar cells: how his research started, what work was done to increase the efficiency of cells and why they are capable of imitating the natural process of photosynthesis. The story of Michael Graetzel caused a lot of questions from the symposium listeners. In particular, the audience was interested to know how the laureate's technologies are applied, on which the efficiency of light conversion depends, how much this development affects the environment and what it gives for the future market of photovoltaic cells.

Following the laureate was the Professor of PTI. A.F. Loffe Vyacheslav Andreev. He highlighted the topic of global solar energy more broadly and presented to the public data touched on the modern leaders of the solar energy. He marked that 90% of solar cells are still created on the basis of the silicon. The scientist also said that nowadays investors does not not hurry to invest in the development of the solar energetics, since the degree of confidence in it is relatively low, due to the lack of an unified organization that could include a whole range of programs and knowledge base for solar energy procurement.

After a short break, the audience gathered in the hall again to continue the symposium. Young winners of the Energy of Youth program presented their works, to which they were granted in 2015. This part of the symposium went even more dynamically, the scientists' work received a wide response in the form of questions which took the form of discussion after each speech. It is worth mentioning that the fact that scientists are young was very inspiring to the public. Nevertheless they have an excellent base for full and extremely effective work, while each of these works has a great future.

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