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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

The GEP invites to the press conference "Innovations in the field of energy efficiency and energy saving in Russia"

Three days prior to XV Global Energy Prize Awards ceremony - world-known Swiss scientist Michael Graetzel laureate 2017 will perform before journalists of St.-Petersburg for the first time. Young Russian scientists – winners of the all-Russian contest of youth scientific projects in the field of energy, The Energy of Youth will also take a part in the press conference.

Solemn Global Energy Prize Awards ceremony – is traditionally one of the highlights on the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. Rewarding of the laureate 2017 - the world-famous scientist, professor of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Michael Graetzel will be held on June 2. The scientist was recognized "for transcendent merits in development of low cost and efficient solar cells, known as “Graetzel cells”, aimed to creation of cost-efficient, large-scale engineering solutions for power generation."

The scientist developed dye-sensitized solar cells, which imitate the principle of photosynthesis, used by green plants for conversion of sunlight. In comparison to photovoltaic arrays based on silicon, they are much easier and cheaper to produce. Moreover, they are more convenient from consumers` point of view - lightweight, flexible and can be made in different colours.

Young scientists - winners of the XII All-Russian contest of youth scientific projects in the field of energy, the Energy of Youth, will also be involved into the press conference. They will present to journalists the results of their work in the framework of grants received in 2015. Their developments make it possible to bring the Russian geological exploration to a new level, as well as solve the issues of remote power supply of aircrafts and the production of a new generation biofuel.

Particularly Sergey Kashcheev from St. Petersburg explores the use of a laser scanner to detect gas and oil reserves. According to him, laser sounding helps not only to determine the presence of energy resources, but also to predict the oil and gas potential of the deposits. Ivan Matsak from Korolev is concerned with the topic of remote energy supply of aircrafts and robotic devices with infrared radiation on the earth and in space. Increasing the time and range of flight, as well as the carrying capacity of drones by dint of his technology is a new step for remote-piloted vehicle. Alexei Bychkov from Novosibirsk managed to create a biofuel of a new generation, what significantly increased the efficiency of all known bioethanol. The energy intensity of such fuel is much higher than that of other "green" energy sources (wind, sun and waves). Another advantage of the technology is that it allows solving the issue of waste disposal.

The program of the press conference includes a question-and-answer session, during which the participants of the event will share their views on the development of the energy industry in Russia and in the world, and give additional information about their developments.

Time of the press conference: May 30 at 12.00
Venue: St. Petersburg Press Center TASS (37 Shpalernaya Street).

Additional information and accreditation:
Natalia Naumova
The Global Energy Association
+7 (916) 446 66 10, e-mail:

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