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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

The main event of the Global Energy Prize is due in two weeks!

The 15th solemn Global Energy Prize Award ceremony for the laureate Michael Graetzel who is the world-recognized global leader in the field of solar energy is due in two weeks. The scientist is recognized for transcendent merits in development of low cost and efficient solar cells, known as «Graetzel cells», aimed to creation of cost-efficient, large-scale engineering solutions for power generation. The Swiss chemist will be awarded by the President of Russia, and will receive a monetary reward of 39 million rubles.

Year in year out the solemn Global Energy Prize Awards ceremony is held as a part of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF). Traditionally, in the run-up to it, the Global Energy Association conducts a series of events with the participation of laureates of the award, members of the International Award Committee, young promising scientists and experts in the energy sector.

This year, for the first time in the 15-year history of the project, Laureate’s Week of the Global Energy Prize will be held in a new format - at once in two cities. Not only St. Petersburg, but also Moscow will meet the laureate of 2017, Michael Graetezel.

Annual scientific symposium, The Energy of Thought, will open the cycle of events on the 29th of May at power engineering company PJCS Power machines. It will unite representatives of different scientific generations - the 2017 Global Energy Prize laureate and the winners of the Energy of Youth 2015 - with specialists from the engineering and technical services of the enterprise. Michael Graetzel will tell an inspirational story about his scientific discoveries and achievements, and young scientists who are only at the beginning of their research path will present their projects.

The press conference on «Innovations in the field of energy efficiency and energy saving in Russia» will be held at TASS press center on the 30th of May. The laureate and winners of the Energy of Youth program will participate. For the first time Michael Graetzel will speak with the journalists of St. Petersburg, he will share his developments in the field of materials for solar energy, indicators of their efficiency and tell about his cooperation in perovskite photovoltaics with Russian scientists. The winners of the All-Russian contest of youth research projects in the field of energy, The Energy of Youth 2015, will present the results of their work within the framework of the grants received from the Global Energy Assocaition.

The third day of the laureate's week, May 31, will be very busy for the laureate and it will take place in two cities. In Moscow, as a part of the Energy of Knowledge program, Michael Graetzel will give a lecture to students of Moscow State University. After, there will be a ceremony of awarding him the title of honorary professor of Moscow State University. In the evening of the same day in St. Petersburg a reception in honor of the Global Energy laureate will be held at the Consulate General of Switzerland. Rodney Allam, the Chairman of the Global Energy Prize International Award Committee, and Adnan Amin, the General Director of IRENA, the member of the International Award Committee will speak at an event.

Equally intensive will be the fourth day of the laureate’s week, June 1. Important events will be held at several grounds in the meantime. The pressroom of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum will host a press conference on «The XXI Century Global Energy Trends». The laureates of the Global Energy Prize and the members of International Award Committee will talk about innovative projects and scientific developments in the field of energy development. They will also assess the current energy trends and industry development forecasts in 2017. Simultaneously, the Global Energy Prize Youth Day will take place in the St. Petersburg State Economic University. All attention will be directed to the winners of the youth programs of the Prize: the Energy of Youth and the Energy of Start. At the beginning, young scientists will make reports on the latest achievements, whereupon, the young winners of the Energy of Start contest will tell about their work. The remarkable thing is that - this year, the youngest representatives of the scientific sphere prepared for the audience a demonstration of the development of SolarBOX12V, a mobile solar power plant.

The cycle of the Global Energy Prize Laureate’s Week events will be crowned on June 2. On this day the of the solemn Global Energy Prize Awards ceremony will take place, and after, in the evening – a solemn reception in honor of the laureate 2017 will start. This year it will proceed in a very atmospheric place, namely, in the Marble Palace.

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