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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

The Global Energy Prize Youth day 2017

Today, June 1, the St. Petersburg State Economic University hosted a Youth Day of the Global Energy Prize. It was held as part of the Laureate's Week of the Award, which is held annually in the northern capital and concludes with the traditional awarding ceremony at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

The Youth Day of The Global Energy Prize is an event fully dedicated to the speeches of the winners of youth programs: the Energy of Youth and the Energy of Start. In addition to popularizing the energy science, its goal is to show the research and development that the growing generation of power engineers is engaged in, as well as the involvement of new young specialists in the industry. Encouraging young scientists with grants and personal prizes, the Global Energy Prize has allocated over 43 million rubles for their development.

The winners of the All-Russian contest of youth research projects in the field of energy - winners of the Energy of Youth program: Ivan Matsak, Sergey Kashcheev, Alexey Bychkov presented their reports. Winners of the All-Russian contest for pupils the Energy of Start - high school students from Novosibirsk (Nikita Ermolaev, Alexander Palyutin and Sergey Mendrul) demonstrated a mobile solar power plant that they mustered up with their own hands. In addition, the post-graduate student of SPBGEU, the responsible secretary of the Council of Young Scientists of SPbGU - Elena Lubskaya, presented the report.

The participants' speeches sparked a lively discussion and interest of the audience. Therefore, the representative of the company TGC-1, Alexey Starkov, after questions to participants from Novosibirsk, invited the guys to tour the enterprise, which became an additional bonus for participation in the Youth Day. The event was held with the active support of the Higher Economic School of SPbSEU, the Council of Young Scientists and the Department of International Business of SPbSEU.

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