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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

31st August

The Global Energy Prize supported the Energy of Youth Forum - 2017

August 25, 2017 in Kislovodsk, the Global Energy Prize took part in the opening of the VII Interregional Summer Education Forum the Energy of Youth. Senior students who won the second and third places of the competition the Energy of Start - 2017, received invitations to the Forum. Within the framework of the event, young energy specialists from more than 10 regions of Russia explored the power system of the South of Russia and proposed their own solutions for its development in the context of the construction of the international energy corridor - North-South.


30th August

Global Energy Prize will take part at KAZENERGY-2017

Laureate of the Global Energy Prize 2017 Michael Graetzel, as well as members of the International Award Committee - Rae Kwon Chung and Steven Griffiths will speak at XI KAZENERGY Eurasian Forum. Within the framework of one of the key sessions of the forum, Clean energy – contribution to the future, they will assess the prospects for the development of the industry and its impact on the world economy. The session will be held on September 8 and It will be coincided with the Russian Day at EXPO 2017.


24th August


18th August

World leading experts will discuss new energy sources: the Global Energy Prize Summit`2017 will be held at the Euronews HQ

The Global Energy Prize Summit`2017 will take place at the Euronews HQ on September, 18 in Lyon (France). It will unite the Global Energy Prize laureates, members of International Award Committee and authoritative experts from 8 countries. The unique discussion on Three E (Economics, Ecology, Energy) Synthesis Formation as a health factor of the Earth will raise the most acute issues of our time and deliberate terms of the world`s sustainable development. The sixth summit in the history of the Global Energy Prize will be dedicated to emergence and evolution of the new energy sources.


17th August

Laureate of the Global Energy Prize - 2017 conquers new scientific peaks

The scientist power engineer, whose merits were recently awarded with the prestigious Global Energy Prize - Michael Graetzel yesterday got another deserved award - Ahmed Zewail Prize in the field of molecular science in 2017. The awards ceremony took place in Cancun, Mexico, at a special symposium within the framework of the conference - FEMTO13, which is devoted to topical issues of modern chemistry.


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