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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

The Global Energy Prize laureate – an honorary doctorate at Chalmers 2018

The Global Energy Prize laureate and nuclear power expert Lars G Larsson is to receive honorary doctorate at Chalmers University of Technology for his contributions to nuclear reactor safety in Sweden and abroad.

The scientist has held key positions at the Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate and the Federation of Swedish Industry, and launched nuclear research initiatives at institutions such as the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.

Larsson played an active role in upgrading the safety of Russian and Baltic nuclear power plants, for the confinement of the Chernobyl reactor and decontaminating radioactive material from the decommissioned nuclear submarine fleet in Murmansk. For this work, he received the 2014 Global Energy Prize, the highest distinction in the energy field, jointly with the Russian scientist Ashot Sarkisov.

Lars Larsson received his engineering degree at Chalmers in 1963 and went on to earn a licentiate degree in the Reactor Physics department. Since then he remained involved with the university, among other things as an active part of an inspiration programme for students in Applied Physics.

“I am very proud that Chalmers, my Alma Mater, has recognized my professional achievement considering my long existing contact network with it”, - the scientist notes.

The official ceremony of university’s conferment of doctoral degrees will take place on 2 June. One day prior, Lars G Larsson will hold his lecture.

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